Debbie and Joe

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How We Met

In 2014 there was a woman who was scared of leaving her marriage that was filled with abuse. Scared because she believed that no one would ever want to be with her because of her struggles with anxiety and because she was over weight. She believed this because this is what he told her. In 2014 there was a grieving man, a man who had just lost not only his dad but his best friend. He believed he would always be alone and there would be no one in this world to fill his heart. That woman and that man is me and my fiance. I’ve always lived in upstate NY and he was a Jersey boy but we did have one thing in common, our passion for the NY Jets. In 2015 my friend and I decided to go to a game. What we thought was just a fun girls night is a night that had changed my life forever.. We wandered through the parking lot checking out the tailgates other fans had going on and then at the same moment my eyes locked with this handsome man. We didn’t talk much that night but caught up on social media afterwards. I realized shortly after we started spending time together that I had found my soulmate and he realized that his heart could be filled.

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how they asked

A year later we returned to the restaurant where we had our first date. We held hands across the table and talked about the amazing ride we had been on for the last year. We talked about the night we met, moving in together and how even a year later we still get butterflies when we kiss. I started to tear up because I never thought a love like this existed, it felt too good to be true. We finished dinner and before we left he reached into his pocket and got down on one knee and he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I was in disbelief and can’t remember a happier moment. I was overwhelmed with joy and cried as I told him yes!! There was someone out there who accepts me for who I am. Yes I may have anxiety and yes I may be overweight but someone loves me. Not just someone, but the most perfect man I could’ve ever imagined. And I’m beyond excited to be the woman who could finally fill his heart.

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Special Thanks

Deanna (my sister)
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Licia (my mom)
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