Debbie and Jeremy

How We Met: We first met in a coffee shop well after we first saw each other in a club were we both used to hangout. ;) He asked me to go out and had coffee together with my friends cause I took them with me as a chaperon haha.. We talked a lot of things and easily jived with one another. The rest is history and now after a year and half we are getting married :)

how they asked: We went for our first out of town together as our post birthday celebration in Thailand. I never thought my first trip abroad would be this memorable. On our last night at the resort, he set up a dinner in a cave nearby the beach, its a restaurant of the hotel were we staying. He told me its a high-end restaurant so I dress up well and assuming he will pop out the question there. Being teased by our friends before our trip I kinda expecting he will proposed to me on this trip. I make sure I was eating slowly the food that was served thinking the ring might just be place in there.

Still no ring, I waited patiently for the dessert but no dessert so I lost hope. haha..

Image 1 of Debbie and Jeremy

Then the restaurant staff turn off the light and told us there will be fire dancers who will perform tonight. Thinking it was one of the perks of that restaurant being a high-end one I got excited and started filming the show. He then set up his own camera to record the show. After awhile the staff carried out a cloth covered stand, thinking it was just a props. Suddenly they pulled down the cloth and the fire dancer literally blew fire on the stand revealing a firey message of “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

I was dumbfounded and shocked, all I can hear was strangers clapping and gasping. He then kneeled in front of me and pulled out the ring. Of course I said YES while tears of joy flowed down my face. It was indeed a vacation to remember!

Photo by Alex Grotto