Deanne and Tyler

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How We Met

When I’m asked how we met, I quickly chalk it up to mutual friends. His friend and my friend introduced us and felt like we might get along. They were right, and we can’t thank them enough for that. I don’t talk much about how we met though, because in my head, that story is boring. How we made it work is what I love to share. Our first date was Thursday, January 2, 2014. I was on winter break from the University of Arizona, and Tyler lived in my hometown (about 2 hours away from my school). We went to a coffee shop and spent three short hours bonding over similar interests and future goals. By the end of the date, he asked me, “So how are we going to make this work?” I laughed at him, because I knew from that day on, we would always try to figure out how to make things work for us. I got home that night and wrote down in a journal I kept, “Today is one of those days that could potentially change your life. I went on my first date with Tyler.” I wrote about how I felt like he was incredibly genuine and funny (don’t tell him I said he’s funny). I also wrote that I felt like I could talk to him about absolutely anything and never fear judgement. Those words ring true today. A few days after our first date, Tyler asked me to be his girlfriend. I told him he was crazy and said we don’t even know what it’s like to date while living in different cities. He was persistent, and I was skeptical. I told him no, but what I meant to say was “not yet.” After winter break was over, I went back to Tucson for school, and Tyler remained in Phoenix. We spent countless nights on FaceTime with one another and at the end of the month, Tyler got in a small Cessna plane to visit me in Tucson. I picked him up from the Tucson Airport, and he greeted me with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a hug in the other. That evening, we decided we would like to make this official and be a couple. For the next two years, we drove back and forth to visit each other. It wasn’t easy dating two hours apart, but we both knew, without a doubt, it would be worth it. A year and a half ago, I moved back to Phoenix. Tyler and I now live in the same apartment complex, in different apartments. Instead of having two hours between us, we are about a two minute walk. It is surreal to see how our relationship has matured over the three and a half years. He has challenged me and inspired me. I cannot think of a better person to spend my life with.

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One of the first weekends Tyler came to visit me in Tucson, AZ.

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Our three year anniversary pictures! (Courtesy of Mandy Pacheco)

how they asked

Tyler asked me to go on a dinner date with him on a Tuesday. Pi Day, March 14, to be exact. He picked me up outside of my apartment, and I got in his car. He told me he wanted to take me somewhere I’ve never been. As we were driving there, I was so curious to find out if he was going to propose. When we arrived, we were both excited to find out I had not been there before. It was the Farm at South Mountain. A beautiful open farm with twinkle lights at every turn. Tyler had made reservations for the restaurant, Quiessence, a romantic setting at the Farm. The hostess started walking us towards this absolutely stunning table set in front of the brick oven fireplace. It was set for two and had twinkle lights making it look like a scene from The Bachelor (not kidding). Just as I was about to have a seat at the most gorgeous table setting I’ve ever laid my eyes upon, the hostess took a sharp turn left and sat us at a normal table next to the dreamy setting. It was in this moment, I stopped thinking this was my proposal. We enjoyed our dinner and chatted about the past three years. The food blew our minds, and our night was coming to an end. Tyler and I began walking to the car, when he said we should go explore. As a Wedding Planner, I figured it would be beneficial, since it was a venue. He walked me to this open grass area and started examining every rock. It was so confusing! He guided me into the center of the grassy area and began proposing to me. Mid-sentence, he yelled, “I FOUND IT!” He ran towards one of the rocks, picked up the ring box, and immediately got on one knee to finish his proposal. At this moment, I was filled with laughter, tears, and joy. I always thought I would be poised when I got proposed to, but I did not hold back the tears. I was on cloud nine, and after this sweet proposal, our photographer came out and took a few shots of us together. Our night didn’t end there, Tyler drove me to The Vig, where both of our families were waiting for us. I cried again. It was so sweet being able to enjoy this day with them. I couldn’t stop staring at my ring that night, and I am so excited to marry the man of my dreams!

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I wasn’t kidding about all the rocks! No wonder he couldn’t find the ring! His best friend had placed the ring there, and Tyler had no idea where he put it.

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Special Thanks

Josh Snyder
 | Photographer