Deanne and Josh

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How We Met

During the fall of 2013 my friend Sarah started dating a guy named Steven. After they had been dating for a few months and she had met the family, including Steven’s older brother Josh, she told me I just had to meet his older brother! The idea of being set up sounded incredibly awkward and I figured there was no way this guy would like me so I would just laugh every time she mentioned it and change the subject. She made several attempts during the fall to get us all together but I found a way to not be able to make it to anything she tried to plan.

I get 2 weeks off of work in December for the holidays and of course the day that my break started I ended up getting food poisoning and being sicker than I have probably ever been. By the time I started to feel better I had pretty much spent my entire winter break home and in bed. When Sarah invited me to go to trivia with Steven, Josh, and some more of their friends one evening over my break, I was so ready to get out of the house that I agreed to join in! I still couldn’t eat or drink anything but figured it would just be nice to be out of the house for a few hours.

Josh came walking up to the table that night and I immediately thought he was cute and seemed nice. He kept trying to talk to me but I was so nervous/felt like the whole group was watching us to see if we liked each other that I couldn’t even look at him.

Now, if you know me then you know I love a good lazy night at home. Over the next few nights Sarah invited me to hang out with their group- and I actually went. One night we went over to Josh’s and built a fire in his fire pit. I still could not look at him but I was sitting in the chair next to his and he kept getting up and going to get different things and forcing me to scoot closer to the fire so he could get by. I’m not exactly a huge fan of fire so I was a little annoyed that he kept getting up. The next night it was raining, and not just a little bit. It was the kind of rain that makes you wish your windshield wipers could just go 10 speeds faster so you can see……and I made a terrifying drive downtown to meet Sarah, Steven, and Josh for a comedy show. I remember sitting next to Josh in these teeny tiny chairs and barely being able to pay attention to the show because I was praying I wouldn’t accidentally bump into him. I had barely talked to him over the last few days, couldn’t look at him, but for some reason I was just so nervous around him.

After the comedy show we all went back to Sarah’s apartment and Josh and I ended up leaving at the same time and walking to our cars together. I figured this was his chance to ask me for my phone number if he was interested….and he didn’t.

A few days later I was talking to Sarah and she told me she was going to a New Years Eve Party at her friend’s house and that I should go and she was going to invite Josh. I thought this would just be awkward since he obviously wasn’t interested in me and we were going to be surrounded by couples all evening. Sarah wouldn’t take no for an answer though and the next thing I knew I had plans for New Years Eve.

On New Years Eve we went to this party and I still couldn’t look at Josh because I was nervous around him and also nervous about how awkward the night could potentially be. We were hanging out in a group when Sarah and Steven walked away for a few minutes. There I was standing alone with Josh freaking out about what to even talk about when he asked to talk to me outside a second. I had no idea what he wanted to talk about but I walked outside on the back porch where I was surprised with a pre-midnight amazing first kiss. I was so surprised since I didn’t think he liked me.

Thankfully he admitted that he had wanted to ask for my phone number a few nights before when we had left Sarah’s apartment but when a pizza guy had joined us in the elevator he had chickened out. He finally asked for my phone number, we scheduled our first official date for the next weekend (1/4/14), we’ve been together ever since, and now he is my favorite person to look at.

how they asked

After Josh and I had been dating for a little over a year we……I mean, I started talking more and more about getting engaged. At this point we were living together, we were incredibly happy, and we were……I mean, I was ready for it to happen.

After going all spring talking more and more about getting engaged and nothing happening I assumed it wasn’t going to happen until fall. My sister and her husband were due to have a baby in June and my brother and sister in law were due to have a baby in August. I figured with all of that going on that he would allow all the craziness of new babies to settle down and maybe we would get engaged later in the fall.

On July 27th we headed to Hilton Head for the week for vacation with Josh’s family. Josh’s 30th birthday was going to fall during that week so we had planned to leave the beach a day early and go to Savannah for a night. We thought it would be fun to have some time together, maybe explore the city, go to a nice dinner, and also get the chance to see one of Josh’s good friends, Katie, who lives in Savannah.

We had the best week being lazy on the beach, hanging out with his family, and celebrating his 30th birthday!

On Thursday, July 30th I was not ready to leave the beach! I was excited for Savannah but was thinking about trying to talk Josh into just staying at the beach another day! I decided against bringing it up since I knew Josh was excited to see his friend Katie so we spent a few hours on the beach in the morning and then headed to Savannah!

We got to Savannah and checked into our hotel. Josh told me we were meeting his friend Katie in Forsyth Park at 5. She worked right by the park and then we were going to walk over to this cool bar that was inside of an old mansion for drinks! I work in Savannah a lot and always drive by Forsyth Park and knew it was a gorgeous park so I was excited that we were going to hang out in that area! We had some time to kill before we were meeting Katie so we decided to go walk around near our hotel.

Of course the middle of the afternoon in Savannah at the end of July was blazing hot and after becoming a hot, sweaty mess, I insisted that we needed to head back to the hotel because I could not go meet his friend without a shower! We had less than an hour so I knew I was going to need to get ready quick! I took the first shower and when I got out Josh was already dressed in shorts and a button down shirt (my favorite one of his) and sitting on the bed. I was a little shocked that he was not going to shower since we were both just sweating so much from walking around, and also that he was wearing long sleeves since it was SO hot outside.

I got ready really quickly, Josh called a cab to take us to the park and we headed down to the hotel lobby to wait. When we got to the lobby we saw that it had started to rain a little bit. Josh started commenting a lot about the rain and how he needed to get his keys from the valet and get an umbrella from his car. I figured this was a quick afternoon summer storm and would pass. If we were just going to the park to walk over to the bar then it wasn’t a big deal…….but he insisted on getting the umbrella. After a few minutes of waiting for our cab to show up Josh also started to get a little anxious about why it had not arrived. I knew we were meeting Katie at 5 but I thought she would understand if we were a few minutes late! Next thing I know Josh was talking to the valet guys at the hotel and they told him the manager of the hotel could drive us to the park.

We got in the personal car of the manager of the hotel and he drove us over to the park. It was a little weird but I figured it was just good customer service! At this point it had also stopped raining which was perfect timing since Josh told me we were meeting Katie at the fountain so we had to walk through the park.

Josh and I started walking and turned onto the path that leads to the fountain. All the large trees with the moss hanging off of them line the pathway and then the gorgeous fountain is down at the end. It’s beautiful…….in fact it is so beautiful that it led me to say “WOW! This is really pretty! This would be a great place to get engaged!”

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Josh then started rambling on about how I would know we were getting engaged because he would have a box in his pocket and I would see the box and then it wouldn’t be a surprise.

Josh usually isn’t one to hide his emotions well so I responded by telling him that he was right and I would totally know when he was going to propose because he would be so nervous I would know something was up.

We continued walking down the path and as we approached the fountain I saw a couple taking professional engagement photos and another girl holding a camera and pointing it towards us. I figured she was taking pictures of the pretty trees!

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The next thing I knew Josh threw down the umbrella, spun around to face me, reached for my hand, and got down on one knee. My first thought was this is a joke and you don’t joke about this type thing and then I just started freaking out! I tend to gallop when I get excited (weird, I know) and I kept trying to do just that but Josh kept pulling me back to him. I know Josh said some amazing and nice things but I have absolutely no idea what he said. In fact, I’m pretty sure he had to ask me if I was going to say yes. Apprently, saying “oh my God” and “seriously?!?!” repeatedly is not the correct answer when someone is asking you to marry them! Of course I said yes and he slipped the most gorgeous ring on my finger.

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I was still freaking out when the girl that I thought had been taking pictures of the trees walked up to us. It was Josh’s friend, Katie! He had shipped her his camera a few weeks before when he started planning this, and she had taken pictures of our engagement which are memories we will treasure forever!

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We then started calling our families, and went to get celebration drinks with Katie! After we left Katie, Josh and I went back to the fountain and sat and finally let everything sink in. After not knowing what to do next we called Uber to take us back to the hotel to charge our phones. We called more friends and family and then realized it was way past dinner time. Our original plan had been to have a nice dinner in Savannah but at this point neither one of us even felt hungry and we were too wound up. There was no way we could sit down at a restaurant. We set out walking again and ended up celebrating our engagement eating pizza out of a box while sitting on a bench on the side of the street in Savannah! It was the perfect end to the best day ever!

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