Deanna and Tim

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How We Met

Tim and I met at our hometown high school when I was 16. The two of us didn’t really notice each other until my junior year when we had multiple classes together during the day. He started talking to me after we were pared up for class projects, and I saw him as a very kind but shy sophomore boy that was interested in history and music, much like I was. After talking to me during class for a while, he became a good friend of mine, and after going on a few dates he asked me to be girlfriend. We stayed together throughout high school, and have stayed together through college.

how they asked

Through the 5 years we’ve been together, Tim and I have talked about marriage often, but he still found a way to make his proposal a huge surprise. We booked a cruise from Seattle to Alaska and Canada with my parents and two of my younger sisters. On the first night of the cruise, we met my family for dinner, and Tim suggested that the two of us take a walk around the deck of the ship, and look at the mountain view. I followed him outside to the deck, and up to the very front of the ship. We looked at the views for a while, and then I started to walk away because it was cold and I wanted to go back inside. Then I heard him say my name, and I turned around to see him down on one knee with a ring in his hand. I was crying of excitement when he asked, “Will you marry me?”. He gave me the ring and I just stared at it in excitement for several minutes before he asked if I wanted to actually put it on. I was so excited that I forgot to put on the ring! After he proposed, I tried to call all of my friends with barely any cell signal since we were several hours off of the coast of Seattle. Then, Tim and I went downstairs to my family’s suite to tell my parents, and my dad had been involved in the whole thing! Tim had apparently asked my father for permission to propose to me months before and knew he was going to propose on the cruise. My mother took this photo of us outside on their balcony. Overall, the entire evening was a huge surprise to me, and Tim and I have set a wedding date for 2017, after we both will be graduated from college.

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