Deanna and Matthew

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How We Met

Our story begins as I was pressured to attend an ugly Christmas sweater party. In December 2014, my hair stylist invited me to her (what I thought was an ugly sweater) Christmas party. Little did I know, she was setting me and my fiancĂ© up. I show up to this party, sporting my reindeer antlers, and my XXL men’s sweater, covered in velvet, glitter, and poorly stitched patterns. Santas beard was made of pearls, just to give you an idea of how adorable I looked…NOT! I walk in, only to find my stylist and her fancy friends all wearing dresses; normal party clothes.

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I was SO embarrassed, until a man I had no idea I would soon fall in love with, approached me. “I LOVE your sweater, I’m Matt!” Panicking, (because wow, he’s cute) I notice that he and I are the ONLY ones wearing ugly sweaters. Of course we talked all night, and within weeks we fell in love. We hung out a lot after that night, and went to the gym together every day. We couldn’t be without each other. We had that effortless electricity right away. I’m forever thankful that I decided to go to the party and wear that hideous sweater that Matthew just loved so much! :)

how they asked

This past October, my friend Morgan invited me to her Holiday Work Party on November 22nd. Matthew also informed me that he was booked to play a private event that night as a musician. I confirmed with Morgan as her plus one, and as it got closer we got our nails done, and picked out the perfect dresses to wear for the night. Morgan even printed out a (fake) flyer for the event, so I wouldn’t question anything. Well, we show up to this “work party” and I notice it’s silent as we are walking in. Hmm…whatever.

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Deanna and Matthew's Engagement in Sarasota, fl.

My Mom & Dad greet me, and my Mom leads me through a path where I am surrounded by all the people who I hold so dear to my heart. As I’m walking through this path of loved ones who are all recording me, some smiling, some crying, I see Matthew.

He’s playing his guitar, and behind him is a projector screen (which he built) with a slideshow of photos of us from all our adventures. He sang me the song he wrote for me.

After I said “yes”, we all danced under the string lights & the moon, and celebrated our beautiful proposal. It was magical!

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