Deanna and Kevin

How We Met: Kevin and I met in high school, although we never dated I like to think we always had eyes for one another.  I of course was always hoping one day he would give me a chance but he had his heart set on playing baseball, having a girlfriend was not a priority for him at the time so we remained friends.  His handwork paid off and Kevin played baseball for a Division One team in Michigan and it wasn’t until he came home after 3 years of being away that I finally got my chance during a Christmas break when he was home visiting family.  I definitely never thought he would come back searching for me, but he did, and one night in my parents drive way he said “I think we should be together”.  I had waited years to hear those lines, in my mind they would’ve come sooner, but having time to grow up independently of one another is what I think makes us strong.  That, and the long distance we endured while he was finishing up school in the states.  While away at school he spent hours planning surprise visits behind my back with my roommates, and we ate dinner together over Skype and ended each night with a conversation where I almost always fell asleep on the phone.  In high school I knew he was the one I wanted and now he’s mine forever!

how they asked: A couple of years ago Kevin had read a book called “Tuesdays with Morrie” for a class he was taking in University.  Kevin had mentioned one day that he would love to write a letter to each one of his family members to tell them exactly how he feels about them and all that they have taught him, at this time he wanted to write one for his grandfather.  Like some men Kevin isn’t the greatest at showing his feelings emotionally, but he definitely can express himself through writing.  I told him I loved the idea and that there is no greater or meaningful gift he could ever give anyone and that I too wanted one.  I told him to stop buying me birthday presents, or taking me out for valentines day and anniversaries but to simply write me a letter so that I could hold onto it forever.  For the past couple years birthdays would come, anniversaries would come, Christmas would come and I hadn’t received my letter.  In the first year I asked about it, and asked for it, and just hoped one day he would remember and write one when he was ready.  Well….on December 23, 2014 I got my letter…or so I thought it was just a letter.  We had family coming over for a Christmas Celebration and I had been running around the house like a mad woman getting everything ready, I hadn’t showered or put on makeup and Kevin gently urged me to go to breakfast with a girlfriend.  He said he would take care of things around the house and in a nice way told me to get pretty and go out and eat.  When I got home I was flustered and had a lot to do before guests arrived but he took my hand and finally got me to sit on the couch in our living room.  I sat down and said “I don’t have time for this” and he handed me a handmade book and I looked at him and said “Am I finally getting my letter?!” He said read it….it was not just a letter but our story, the story of us, and it was hand printed by his sister and written by him.  He had hired an artist to draw the pictures that he had described to her and he had built the cover of the book out of wood with my dad.  When they were making the book he had asked my dad for my hand in marriage but my dad didn’t know that he would be using the book to propose because at the time he didn’t know it was for the proposal – just that a proposal would be coming.  I completely thought it was simply my letter a beautiful handmade book of us….until I got to the last page where the story ends with a man on his knee with a ring.  I was FLOORED!  He asked me to stand up and got on one knee, his hand shaking he dropped the ring into our shag carpet and couldn’t find it for a second – we laughed because we couldn’t find it – but then we both looked at each other and after being lost in the moment remembered why he was on one knee.  He said he had a speech planned but couldn’t find the words and I said it’s okay you’ve said it all in the book. I had no idea it was coming and I had no idea when or where or how he had the time to write the story, find an artist, build a book and to top it all off design the most beautiful ring I have ever seen.  He told me he had been planning the proposal for over a year, he found a picture of a ring and found a jeweller who would make it, and he said writing our story was the easiest part of it all.  He chose December 23, 2014 because he knew that on that night I would be surrounded by all of my family members and he knew how important it would be for me to share this day with all of them.  It was perfect, in every way.  I don’t want to post our whole story…so instead I will share the first and last page of the book that I cannot wait to read to our children one day! It is now, and forever will be, my favourite fairy tale.