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how we met

Julio and I met through our mutual best friend Cole. Although Julio was always rude to me on the phone we really hit it off the first night we met in person. We finally met at a New Years party om December 31, 2014 and we have been together ever since. In December 2015 Cole came on vacation from Texas with his girlfriend Bri and since it was her first time in Florida I decided a Disney trip was a must!

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how they asked

We went to Magic Kingdom on December 19, 2015! During our trip, Bri and I were discussing our futures, and we happened to get on the topic of marriage. Little did I know she had my engagement ring in her purse the entire time. Later that night, when we met Mickey Mouse for the first time, Julio proposed during our photo session!

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I was so excited I even took the ring out of the box and put it on myself (hahaha). Thus the wedding planning began! I knew from the very moment I met Julio that he was the one I had been praying for. Every day I’m thankful God blessed me with my soul mate.

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