Deanna and John

How We Met

Whenever people ask us where we are from, and we tell them New York and New Mexico we always get weird looks and usually a “How the heck did you two meet?!.” Well, like many people in this day and age, John and I met online, #WeSwipedRight! John had just returned from winter break and was ready to finish up his final year as a West Point Cadet, and I was finishing my last semester of graduate school at Columbia School of Social Work. Though we were both VERY busy in those first few months of dating, after we went on our first date, we pretty much became inseparable and saw each other as much as our busy schedules allowed. It helped that John and I had a lot of interests in common, so we always found things to do on the weekends that we both enjoyed! We had a wonderful four months before graduation that we actually lived in the same state, and it would be another 20 months before we lived in the same state again.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cold Spring, NY

(John’s graduation from West Point)

Proposal Ideas Cold Spring, NY

(John’s graduation from Ranger School) John spent a little over a year at Fort Benning, Georgia completing a variety of training courses to prepare him for his first duty station, and his first job in the Army as a platoon leader. During his time at Fort Benning, John and I tried to visit each other as much as we could, and typically saw each other once a month. John’s final training at Fort Benning, was Army Ranger School where he was in the field, training for 3 months. Ranger School was probably the most challenging time of our period of long distance because we were only able to communicate through letters! John graduated Ranger School at the end of September 2016, and it was one of the best days, not only because of his accomplishment but because we were nearing the end of our long distance! John was going to complete one more course at Fort Benning, and then he would be off to Fort Hood, Texas where I would be joining him after the 2016 holiday season!

how they asked

As I mentioned, the plan was for John to head to Texas before me, and then I would move down there following the holidays. Well little did I know, John had been planning a surprise for me before the move. I have to admit, I was a little bit suspicious around that time, thinking that something big might be coming, as moving in together would be a big step! Around this time, one of my very close friends was also close to getting engaged. She and her fiancé were my coworkers, so I saw them both every day. John and my friend Nicole cooked up a plan together to fake Nicole’s engagement in order to trick me. Nicole’s boyfriend Dan approached me at work one afternoon, and asked me to help him plan a surprise for Nicole because he was going to propose!

I of course, was so excited to help him, and couldn’t wait to hear all the details! Dan told me he wanted to propose in Cold Spring, NY, and asked me to invite Nicole out to dinner one night after work. I was nearing the end of my time at my job as I was preparing to move, so I used this as an excuse for us to go out to dinner and celebrate! Nicole agreed to dinner, and the plan was in motion for her big night, or so I thought! During this time, John was home in New Mexico visiting with family before making the move to Texas. On the day of the proposal, he told me he was going to be on a very long hike with a friend, and even got his friend to post about the hike on his facebook wall to throw off any suspicion that I might have had. In reality, John was on a plane to NY to surprise me! Toward the end of the work day, Nicole and I got together to discuss the dinner plans, and soon headed off to Cold Spring. I was so excited and nervous for Nicole and Dan knowing that their big night was almost here and I couldn’t wait to get to Cold Spring. When we arrived, we parked a little ways away from the gazebo that Dan had told me he was planning to propose at. While we were walking over, I tried to distract Nicole by pointing out the size of the moon so that she wouldn’t see Dan before he was ready. We finally make it to the gazebo and I see someone walking up out of the corner of my eye, I’ve got my phone out ready to capture this moment for my friend, except she’s not reacting at all, which was very confusing! Finally, the mystery man says “Hey Babe!” and when I turn to look and see that it’s John, I jumped back about three feet before yelling “OMG, It’s you!” John walked over and told me some very sweet things (which thanks to Nicole we have on video) and asked me to be his wife! After saying “YES!” he pulled out the most beautiful ring! We had an amazing dinner at a restaurant nearby and shared the news with our family and friends!

Since the proposal, we have moved to Texas and settled into our home together with our dog Jack and our cat Smoke! We have been enjoying actually living in the same state, and getting to spend time together, but we are so excited to say “I do” and become husband and wife!