Deanna and Jeff

How We Met

Jeff and I both attended Texas Tech University and have a love for college sports, we met at a spring football game over the love of mimosas and football. We had mutual friends introduce us and exchanged numbers. The next weekend Jeff asked me on a date and now the rest is history!

how they asked

Jeff and I always celebrate the 28th of each month as a little “monthaversary” nothing major, but a little date night on each 28th just for fun. On October 28th Jeff surprised me with gorgeous new luggage and told me that the next month I needed to be prepared and packed for a destination unknown. I was in shock, and now had to wait a month to know where were were going. The only thing he told me was “it’s going to be cold”. On November 28th, Jeff packed an old suitcase of mine with a new fur coat and the plane tickets to New York City to see Christmas time in the city and tickets to see our Alma Mater play basketball in Madison Square Garden. As a huge college basketball fan I was so excited and I have always dreamed to see NYC at Christmas time.

The 2nd day of our trip Jeff told me he had reservations at Tavern on the Green in Central Park, so I got dressed and we went to eat, the restaurant was so gorgeous with Christmas Trees everywhere, I noticed he was acting nervous and I asked if he was okay and he said yes he was just excited for the basketball game that night. We finished and headed on a walk through Central Park, and ended up at Cherry Hill. Jeff brought me to a beautiful spot by the lake and expressed how perfect everything was in that moment, he told me how months of planning for this surprise trip brought him to this moment to ask me to marry him! I immediately started crying and said yes! He then pointed out the hidden photographer and we had a little mini shoot around Central Park!

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