Deanna and Jamie

How We Met

Jamie and I met both going to grad school to become school counselors! We got paired up to work together on a project and weren’t initially thrilled. He was too silly and I was too serious. Well, it turned out that was the perfect combination to make things right! We are each other’s biggest supporters, cheerleaders, and comedians and I couldn’t be happier to spend the rest of our lives together!

how they asked

Since both of us work in a school, we had agreed that on the day of the last day of school we would get in the car and drive to start our first vacation of the summer. All summer we hopped from vacation spot to vacation spot. At one point we noticed that Monday seemed to be the day we started new trips or new adventures. On the last Monday of the summer, it was raining and I was bummed to have to have our adventures ending. My boyfriend mentioned we should get a drink down at Saybrook Point Inn which is a marina in Ct. I thought it was an odd day to get a drink at the marina but agreed. When we got there he had a text from a friend that they had stayed the night at the inn and we’re inviting us to their room for a drink. I continued and to my surprise opened the door to a rose petal room filled with love!

He leads me through the hotel room to a porch overlooking the rainy marina. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I cried since the second I saw the roses until our families flooded the room to congratulate us!

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