Deanna and Chris

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How We Met

Chris and I first met when he and I were in my sister and brother-in-law’s wedding, which was five years ago. I can’t remember much about him, besides the fact that he was funny. Chris asked my brother-in-law about me, but at the time I was dating someone, so we both went our separate ways after their wedding. We hadn’t talked since then, and this past December my brother-in-law asked me if I’d ever consider dating Chris, and I said I was open to it, but I hadn’t really talked to him much. He asked Chris if he would like to add “a strawberry to his sexy dark chocolate,” which was an on-going joke between those two. Chris’s response was basically the same as mine.

After waiting around for what seemed like a week or two, I got impatient waiting for Chris to make the first move. I decided to add him on Instagram after looking through all his pictures (every girl does this, don’t lie!). He then messaged me and we talked back and forth and he asked me if I’d be up to getting coffee with him. Of course I said yes, and our first “date” was coffee and Christmas shopping. I think after the first date both of us were unsure of each other, but then we went on a second date and hung out a ton during my Christmas break, and we really got along easily and shared similar interests, hobbies, and were both serious about our faith in God and living that out daily.

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Chris’s personality is something I fell in love with so easily, he’s funny, charming, down to earth, and so intentional with his relationships, not to mention he’s super good looking! By the end of those first few weeks together, I knew he was the one God had gifted me to marry. I never thought I could be so certain of something, but I was and I had such peace going forward in our relationship. Chris became my best friend, my number one supporter and encourager, and someone who I could see leading me in marriage and strengthening my relationship with God as well.

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how they asked

Our friend Natalie Kunkel, an amazing photographer, asked Chris and I if we’d be willing to do a couple shoot for her. We planned on a couple different days to do it, but different things kept coming up and we had to keep rescheduling. All along Chris had been planning with Natalie to propose during the photoshoot. I had no idea all this was happening, but in the back of my mind I wanted him to propose so badly!

The day we did the photoshoot, we started in downtown Fort Wayne and then ended in Leo on a cute country property with a red barn. The sun was setting and Chris said he had one more pose he wanted to do, and got down on one knee. I was so thrilled and speechless…

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I said yes to my best friend! I spent the rest of the evening crying and laughing as we went back to my house where our families were, and they prayed over us and our marriage. I can’t explain the love I have for Chris and the joy it is to be his fiancee, I can’t wait to become Mrs. Thomas in less than two months!

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Special Thanks

Natalie Kunkel
 | Photography