Deanna and B

how they asked: It was on our amazing trip to South America, this past December that B proposed to me while hiking on Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina. Although the timing in our lives seemed right to get married and we had been talking about it more recently in round-a-bout ways, I never thought B would bring a ring on this trip because we started in Rio De Janeiro. So many people told us to be careful it was almost comical. Plus, we had already been traveling for 12 days so any inklings I had were long gone. It was nice to not be thinking about it – free to completely enjoy the day and breathtaking scenery.

We spent the night before looking around the little shops in El Calafate and shopping for gloves and a winter coat of B. I should note that we only took carry-on luggage for our 18-day trip. This seems completely normal to us and the travelers we met along the way, but somehow impossible to most of our friends in the states.

Since space was limited, we had not brought gloves for either of us or a big winter coat for B so we went shopping and discovered that you could rent ANYTHING you needed in the town! I wish we had know so I would not have had to stuff our snowboarding pants into ziplock bags. We ended our day with a sunset dinner at 10:30pm.

Up early the next day, we boarded the bus for our 1.5 hour ride to the glacier. We got lucky with unbelievable weather, great guides and awesome fellow hikers. The views along the drive were stunning and when we reached the catwalks, you thought it could not get much more beautiful. Then we took the boat ride across the lake and you thought the same thing. But then, you hiked for 45 minutes on terra firma and kept taking pictures, each seemingly better than the last. And when we finally got on the ice, we saw colors of blue that day that I never knew were possible. It was like a dream. Finally, on our route back we stopped at an under-ice waterfall and nothing else that day was able to compare. It was so unlike anything I had seen before.

It was after seeing the look on my face, that B decided this was the place. So after everyone started to walk away, he handed our video camera to fellow hiker Liz (Yes, he is so smart that he asked Liz, to film him!) and called me over to him.

Now, our guided started yelling at him in Spanish because she did not want him near the waterfall, but he told her he would not get close. So I was confused and started getting irritated because we were getting yelled at, but it did not take too long for everyone to catch on. He turned me to him and said some very special things (these are all mine and too precious to share), got down on one knee and asked me to share the rest of my life with him. It was AMAZING!

I was completely surprised and will cherish that day forever. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with such a wonderful man!

You can relive the experience by watching this video B edited together.

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