DeAnn and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler and I graduated from Redlands East Valley High School in Redlands, Ca in 2009. Little did we know a few months later we would meet again. We ended up in the same Psychology class in college Fall 2010. Once the class was over we lost touch again. The real story begins March 17th, 2013. It was Saint Patrick’s day and my best friend Jessica and I were at a local bar (The Vault Martini Bar) in downtown Redlands.

It was probably just past midnight when Tyler and his best friend Jake came through the doors. I immediately whispered to Jessica that I knew him and that we had taken a psychology class together a few years back. He and Jake ended up in the seats next to ours and the rest of the night is history. Tyler and I dated for four years and a day before he proposed on June 16th, 2017.

how they asked

We had just come back home from a family trip to Lake Tahoe when he told me he wanted to get away for our anniversary (this wasn’t unusual for us, we usually do something for our anniversary). We ended up in our favorite camping spot: Mammoth Lakes, Ca. We would vacation here at least twice a year since we started dating. Tyler and I drove up the night before and set up camp. We ate breakfast and figured we would hike to all the lakes in a row. The roads were closed to cars because the snow hadn’t melted from the winter yet.

We made it to the top, by Horseshoe Lake and enjoyed a romantic picnic together, the views were spectacular as the lake was still frozen over. After we ate lunch, we decided to take pictures of the views surrounding us. Tyler asked to take photos of me from behind, and little did I know that we had set up his phone to record the whole proposal.

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