DeAnn and Larry

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How We Met

Larry and I both grew up in the same small town, but to most people’s surprise (including our own), we never met each other until after we’d graduated from college.

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Being that the place we grew up in was a huge football town, going downtown for a night out after a big football game was the thing to do! The night we met our home team had just won their game against one of their rivals.

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I was with my girls and he was with his guys. As I walked past him, I somehow got the nerve (from a place I have yet to discover) to walk right up to him and say hi!! It was the strangest thing ever being that I am one of the most introverted people I know.

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That “Hi” turned into a four hour phone conversation that night, and 3 years later, a proposal!!!

how they asked

The weekend of the proposal was 2 days prior to my birthday. I was expecting a nice, quiet, romantic dinner with my love; but he had much bigger plans! As we were driving to what I thought was dinner, we ended up at Select Helicopters…

I was so surprised because we had been talking about taking a helicopter tour and it was something I was hoping to do for quite some time. We boarded the helicopter and began our tour over Lake Lanier.

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It was one of the most beautiful things, but I must admit I was a tad bit nervous and nauseous! As we were finishing the tour, and nearing the ground for landing, I slowly began to see people coming out from under the shed.

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It was difficult to make out who they were at first, but as we continued to lower, I noticed balloons, ‘Happy Birthday’ signs, and familiar faces of my closest family and friends! As I looked even harder, I saw the most important sign which read “DeAnn, Will You Marry Me?” My heart skipped a thousand beats, as my emotions started to take full control.

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I was shocked, excited, and thrilled all in one! After we landed and departed the helicopter, my (then) boyfriend got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife… and I SAID YES!!!!!!

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