Avery and Drew

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How we met

Drew and I met when we were seniors in high school and quickly became best friends. He asked me to date him multiple times, but I was a stubborn teenage girl and always played hard to get.

After graduating high school we went away to different colleges but stayed friends and kept in touch. A few months into our Freshman year we met up at Daytona beach to visit a mutual friend, and I couldn’t resist dating him any longer.

We continued dating in a long distance relationship, making the drive between South Carolina and Florida when we could and meeting halfway in a tiny Georgia town when we couldn’t.

After two years of long distance we transferred back home to finish college in Colorado and both graduated last year!

how they asked

This year was busy with adjusting to post grad life, so I was so excited when Drew surprised me with a trip to Daytona to celebrate our 4 1/2 year anniversary.

We’ve tried to go back every year since we started dating, so I was so excited but was completely clueless about what he was planning!

On our last night of the trip we were on our way down to the beach for a walk and as we were reminiscing, I jokingly told him he needed to ask me to be his girlfriend again.

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As soon as we stepped onto the beach he said that he wouldn’t ask that, but instead he would ask me to marry him. He got down on one knee and pulled out a ring from his pocket!

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I was so surprised, excited, and could not contain my excitement while mumbling something similar to yes before giving him the biggest kiss!

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But the surprises weren’t over yet, he had an amazing photographer who captured the whole thing and then immediately after did an engagement shoot! It was all a dream come true.

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Photos by Leah Dorr Photography