Dayna and Nelson

How We Met: He caught my eye when I was really young, but he was my older brother’s basketball teammate who was too old for me =) He didn’t notice me until I moved home from college, when a 5 year age gap was no biggie! A bunch of mutual friends went to a lounge and there he was… We went from strangers to moving in within three months! It has been a whirlwind of the best kind.


how they asked:We went on a surprise trip to Cancun for my 30th birthday. I took one of the best naps of my life and woke up to him asking me to get ready for dinner. Still drowsy, I threw on a dress and stumbled downstairs to the beach. He set up a beautiful cabana dinner with the waitstaff. Our waiter pretended to take our picture, but was really taking a video.

I had no clue what was going on! Best surprise of my life! When we flew home, I couldn’t wait to tell all of my family…but they were all in on it and surprised us at the airport!


*That’s our high school mascot (both of our whole families attended the same local high school)!