Dayna and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met 4 years ago through a mutual friend at a concert. There was an instant connection and for whatever reason I was drawn to him. At the time he was in a relationship but we remained friends through social media. Fast forward to December 2015, our mutual friend had been trying to set us up. We decided to watch our rival teams play a football game at Michael’s house. A few mimosas later and there was no denying the chemistry Michael and I had together. We’ve been inseparable ever since. In fact, as it so happens, we have spent every single Sunday together since that day.

how they asked

We decided to go to Napa for our one year anniversary. Michael told me he had planned a wine tour at a winery his boss belonged to. As we drove along I kept pointing out all of the beautiful wineries we passed and remarked that one of them looked like a castle! Little did I know we would be turning up a long driveway to, in fact, this stunning castle: Castello di Amarosa. I was in awe from the beginning. We started our wine tour of this gorgeous castle made of genuine authentic Italian stone modeled after a true 13th century castle. Our tour guide Jamie was incredible, witty, hilarious and he made the entire experience entertaining. We toured two stories below ground in the wine caves and tasted wine directly from the barrel. A wine lovers dream!

By the time we ended up in the tasting room I discovered that we had premiere tickets for exclusive reserve wines along with a chocolate pairing. As we began our tasting, ones of the gentleman from the winery came in to tell us that once a month they conduct a raffle for an exclusive wine pairing at the top of the castle tower where only few were allowed to go. He promptly announced the winner was Mike! Michael seemed totally surprised but of course I’m used to winning things so I proudly proclaimed that I knew we would win because I always get so lucky! They took us up the stairs to this tower remarking on the celebrities who had been in this very place. At the top of the tower was a beautiful fruit and cheese platter, white roses, a bottle of champagne, and two souvenir glasses in a box. The associate excused himself explaining he had forgotten his camera but would return. Michael grabbed my hand and took me up another flight of stairs until we were at the very top of the tower overlooking all of Napa Valley. We were taking in the beautiful scenery when Michael suggested we open our champagne and bring it up there. We hurried back downstairs where Michael took the glasses from the box, popped the champagne. and poured us two large glasses.

Michael took my hand and lead me back up the stairs to enjoy the view once more. At this point Michael started to profess how he knew from the day we met that he wanted to be with me; that he’s always known it was meant to be. I promptly agreed that it was always meant to be for us. As we gazed out across the gorgeous vines on an overcast January day, Michael pointed out there where sheep running wild amidst the vines. He then mentioned there was a duck in the parking lot. As I peered over the side of the castle I did not in fact see a duck at all, so I looked harder. Then behind me I heard Michael unzip his jacket pocket. As I turned around I found Michael on one knee with a closed ring box held out in front of him. Overwhelmed with joy, I immediately drew my hands to my face and started tearing up.

Right then Michael said “Dayna Anastasia Roth will you marry me?” I, of course immediately said yes. He still had yet to open the ring box and at this point I was so overwhelmed with joy I didn’t even want to see it for fear that I would just explode with even more overwhelming joy. Even so, Michael opened the ring box and slid this stunning ring on my finger causing me to burst into even more tears! As I gazed down at the perfect cushion cut solitaire on my finger, with giddy joy I exclaimed to Michael “You want to marry me?!” It was the most perfect fairy-tale moment on top of a castle tower that anyone could have ever imagined…

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