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How We Met

Graduating from college and moving back home with Mom and Dad and four cats… no job, no boyfriend, no concrete plans for moving out on my own, yet feeling that I wanted to reward myself for four years of hard work, juggling my college course load, a job, and 4 years of playing womens’ soccer… so what seems to be the logical thing to do… get a dog. No, not a small dog, not a nice calm older dog… a puppy, a Siberian Husky puppy. He arrived by plane, the day after I graduated. I was still at college, not back home yet. My mom and my brother had to drive to the airport to get him. As puppies go, he was already huge at 6 weeks old. Did I mention that we already had four cats and that my mom had seriously recommended NOT getting a puppy until I found a job and a place of my own to live. No matter, he was here. I named him Meeko.

Meeko became my best friend and constant companion. I loved him dearly. I took pictures of him… lots of pictures. I wanted to share his beautiful face with the world. So, what was next? An Instagram account. Not for me… I already had one, but for Meeko, (@siberianhusky_meeko). I tagged all of his photos with dog and husky hashtags (add some of your hashtags here). Meeko acquired his own instagram following. His following continued to grow. Meeko had more followers that I had on my own existing Instragram account… afterall, who doesn’t love a husky puppy?! I became part of the online community that adored Siberian Huskies, trading comments and stories and laughing about the antics of these wonderful dogs.

About three months later, I began to notice a guy liking all of my photos. So, what did I do? I checked out his profile. He had a Husky named Stormy. All of his pictures were of Stormy, that was a good sign… he loved his dog as much as I loved mine! There were two pictures of him. He was wearing sunglasses and a baggy sweatshirt in both. He started following my Instagram account, and then came the message from “Mr. Baggy sweastshirt in sunglasses”… “Hey, we should get the dogs together for a play date!” Hmmmm…. Interesting pick up line… still no clear photo of him, but how can you not trust someone that loves his dog so much. Against all warnings of meeting “axe murderers” online (does that actually ever happen?), I gave him my phone number. We talked every day for the next three months. I learned that we both lived in New Jersey, me in northwestern NJ and him, “down the shore.” I kept putting off actually meeting him in person, until it seemed that there were no longer any good reasons not to meet. Still nervous, I drove “down the shore” with a backup plan in place in the event that things went horribly wrong. They didn’t. It was like we had known each other forever. We talked the whole night and spent time with his husky, Stormy, on the beach & boardwalk since it was the offseason. We had so much fun and it was so nice to be able to spend time together in person rather than through FaceTime. We started dating shortly after that and I moved down the shore to be with him and the rest is history!

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how they asked

I vacationed in Maine as a kid and the last few years I had been vacationing in Bar Harbor, Maine. I absolutely loved it. I loved it even more knowing how pet friendly (wolf friendly) it was. I had been telling Dave that we needed to go vacation there with the dogs. So last year was our first year there together with the dogs and we had so much fun. We were able to explore, hike and more importantly, enjoy our first vacation with the pups. So this year, we decided to go again. We went a little later this year as we wanted to be able to see the beautiful fall scenery. Thursday, October 12th, had come around and Dave had asked me what I thought the most expensive restaurant was in Bar Harbor. I looked in up, Bar Harbor Inn (it is a beautiful older place right on the water). He said to make a reservation for the next night for dinner (he said that he felt like I deserved it- I started to get suspicious at this point, but went with the flow anyway). So the next morning, was Friday the 13th and I kept saying to Dave how it was doomsday! He was so frustrated with me and said it was going to be a great day. We packed the dogs backpacks, put them in the car and headed to Cadillac Mountain. It is the highest point on the east coast and has incredible views. We hiked down to the bottom to park loop road and hiked back up. Right before you get to the summit there is a little cove called Hawks Nest. You can sit there and eat lunch and do some birdwatching. When we got there, we asked a group of hikers to take a picture for us. They did. Then Dave handed them the camera again and asked them to take one more. He went down on one knee, pulled a ring from Stormy’s backpack and proposed.

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He was so nervous that he asked me to be his girlfriend instead of wife! I said yes anyway! Now we are planning our forever husky wedding! Yes, we met on Instagram through our two huskies and got engaged on the top of Cadillac Mountain on Friday the 13th of October… not your typical love story! #howlingforbachman

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