Dawna and Mark

How We Met

I met my fiancé Mark in 8th grade and we grew up together as close friends. When Mark moved to Alberta after high school our friendship consisted of seeing each other once a year when he would come for visits to PEI. One year I decided to go visit him in his new city and that trip was the one that changed our relationship forever. Months later we found ourself embarking in a long distance relationship and after a year my daughter and I moved to be with him.

how they asked

Mark and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day a week early on February 5th because I was flying home the following week for a vacation. We had both come to a decision to go to dinner at the restaurant where we shared our first date(little did I know what I was planning together with him was helping him set up the night he would propose to me).

The night came and we got dressed up and headed to the Calgary Tower. We sat high above the city we had built a life in for the last 3 years and discussed our relationship and how far we have come. We walked around the observation deck and gazed out at the beautiful lights of the city. I remember feeling the same butterflies I did on our first date – it was perfect. On our drive home he played love songs and we held hands and chatted about the day we would get married. At the time I had no idea I was driving home with him for the last time as his “girlfriend” and that our wedding day is something he was planning for.

When we arrived home I walked into our house to a kitchen full of lit candles, roses, wine and pictures of us printed off that Mark has his mother set up for us while we were out. I read my beautiful card (he finds the best cards) and then we danced in the middle of our kitchen in the candlelight to ‘A Thousand Years’.

After we danced Mark told me he had more pictures to scrapbook in our Adventure Book. Our Adventure Book was inspired by the movie “UP!” and is something I made him for our anniversary. I told him to grab them and in that moment I set up his plan to propose. He told me to read what he wrote to start the page and as I read on I felt my heart start to beat harder…when I read the last sentence it told me he had “one thing left to ask”. I looked at him and then turned the page to see it said “Will You Marry Me?”

Mark then got down on one knee in the middle of our kitchen in our new home we had just purchased for us and our daughter and promised to love us forever. The next day he proposed to our daughter with a ring pop and told her that he would spend the rest of his life loving her and her mom. Mark is the most amazing father, partner and man I have ever met and I cannot wait to become Mrs. Doiron. The proposal was absolutely perfect and I’m looking forward to the adventures ahead as a married couple!

Image 1 of Dawna and Mark