Dawn and Tommy

How we met: Tommy and I have lived down the street from each other half of our lives without knowing. We went to rival high schools but never met. My two best friends from high school were dating his two best friends for years but still, we never met, just heard each others’ names. I first remember meeting him at a summer camp I worked at which he was at as a counselor for the week, however he was in a relationship and doesn’t remember me. We met again a year later and at a friends house during a game night, and he texted my friend across the table asking about me, but this time I was in a relationship. We became friends and bonded over the ministry we were both involved in (Young Life). And once we were finally both single at the same time, we realized our friendship was a little (a lot) more than just friends.

Image 1 of Dawn and Tommy

how they asked: Balboa Park is a historical park full of museums and gardens in San Diego. Tommy grew up going there and it’s his favorite place in San Diego. On one of our first dates, we spent time watching a violinist in front of a reflecting pond. On October 26, 2014, Tommy took the day off work to take me on a date in the park. We walked in front of the reflecting pond and he walked me to the edge of the water. He kept telling me how important I was to him and how much he loved me, and I could tell by his shaky voice which was usually so strong and confident, exactly what was about to happen. He got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring. I was so overwhelmed I forgot to put it on! Then he pointed to our left and my sister and best friend were there with cameras capturing the whole thing. And across the pond, on a bridge, were both of our families with flowers and cameras, cheering.

It was such a memorable day and I couldn’t be more excited to marry this man in August!

Image 2 of Dawn and Tommy