Dawn and Steve

How We Met

I’ll always remember that very hot Jersey Shore summer when I met Steve and my life and heart became complete!  That first day I walked by him it was love at first site!  He said, he knew I was the girl he was going to marry.  That summer we shared our first date at the beach swimming in the ocean and eating ice cream, the same spot where he asked me to be his girlfriend.  Steve and I dated for a little over three years enjoying every step along the way before he asked me to be his wife.  Thank you for giving me your heart of gold!


how they asked

Steve and I have been dating for over three years, when he decided to give me the most magical Christmas proposal that I could have dreamed for. It was the night of the day after I completed my Master of Arts in Teaching, and Teaching Certificate. Steve and I had just come home from a night out to dinner in town to celebrate with his parents. Steve turned on Christmas music and we started to decorate the Christmas tree. After the tree was complete, Steve stood back and took a look at it to make sure it was perfect. I asked him how he thought it looked. Steve said, it looked great but asked me if I could move one of the ornaments because there were two of the same kind too close to one another. I went to go move one of the ornaments and asked him if this spot was better. Steve said yes and I asked him to hand me another ornament that I can place in its spot. At this point, I was still facing the tree with my back to Steve as I reached behind me to get the ornament from him.   Steve never handed me the Ornament, so I turned around and was shocked with surprise to see Steve down on one knee holding an ornament with a ring around it that said Marry Me? That night I answered the easiest question that I ever had to answer. Steve asked me to marry him, and I said yes! This Christmas will be the most special of them all!