Dawid and Jessica

Dawid and Jessica's Engagement in Maui at the Haiku Mill

How We Met

We met through our church where we both were active in the ministry as well as attended Polish school on Saturdays where we not only had catholic classes but also learned the history and geography of Poland as well as the grammar of the Polish language. Our church, St. Hyacinth Basilica, hosts an annual carnival where we always attended for the rides and games. I remember the carnival the year that I asked Jessica out, as it was August of 2010. I had a huge crush on Jessica and I wanted to win her something and give her that year. I found this teddy bear on a quarter game where one could win cash or poker chips and then exchange the chips for different prizes. I played that game every day of the carnival which was about four days, which paid off. On that last day of the carnival, I was able to trade in my poker chips for the teddy bear that I wanted to give to Jessica. I remember that was the first gift I have given to Jessica and it was after this that we have started to talk more in person and also over text messages. It was that moment that gave me enough confidence to speak up and go after Jessica. Finally, after a few days, on August 30, I asked Jessica out and the rest is history as we have been together now for 8 years.

how they asked

I have contacted Engaged On Maui, where I spoke with Fawn and planned the entire proposal. I knew I wanted something private as Jessica would like privacy so upon speaking with Fawn, she suggested Haiku Mill. After seeing how beautiful the place was, I knew it would be perfect. I wanted the proposal to be a bit more romantic so I asked for flower petals to be spread out in the Mill. The proposal would be all captured on photos as a photographer would be hidden to take surprise photo shots. The plan was that I would tell Jessica we are going to a tour and dinner right after. When we would get to the Mill, one of the employees would show us in and upon coming to the actual Mill, there is a beautiful chandelier hanging from a glass ceiling, and when the employee would say, “I will just go turn on the chandelier” that would be my cue to do the proposal as we would be left alone.

The day came, July 20, 2018 and we are both getting ready in our resort. I had my phone charging and did not realize that Engaged On Maui called me and then texted me about a fatal accident that shut down the main road from our resort. I finally look at my phone about 20 minutes after and see the text message about the accident, so I quickly ask Jessica if she’s about ready and check traffic on Apple Maps to see an hour and a half drive to the Mill. We both left right there and then. The Wailea area of Maui has two main roads to go North to the island. One is a simple street and the other is the highway, which was shut down. Taking the road around the shutdown portion of the highway took about an hour a half alone, and then another 20 minutes or so to get to Haiku Mill itself. What would have been a 30-minute drive to the Haiku Mill, turned to be a two-hour drive. Thankfully I was in contact with Engaged On Maui who let me know that the person at the Haiku Mill will stay over just for us to come. We were supposed to be at the Mill at about 4pm and ended up arriving around 5pm. The most stressful drive of my life ended with the most joyous day of my life where I was able to propose to the love of my life who said YES!!! Right after the proposal we enjoyed an engagement session at the Mill as well as drove to lava rocks at the North Shore of the island. We ended up having a romantic dinner back at our hotel room as it was past 6:30pm when we finished our engagement session photoshoot.

Where to Propose in Maui at the Haiku Mill

Dawid's Proposal in Maui at the Haiku Mill

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