Samantha and David

How We Met

Most people fall in love at first sight… David fell in love at first hug. David and I met my sophomore (his senior) year of high school. We were introduced by his sister (thanks Pam!) in August 2006 when she told me to come and hang out with their group of friends. We remained just friends until October 2006. David used to walk with me to my English class every day, but something was different this day. When he left before the bell rang, I gave him a hug and something had changed – there was an electric spark in that hug that wasn’t there before. We began talking more seriously after that hug and on November 17th he asked me out.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Epcot - France Pavillion

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Epcot - France Pavillion

As the years have passed, we have had countless ups and many downs and have made it through them all to get to where we are today.

Proposal Ideas Epcot - France Pavillion

Where to Propose in Epcot - France Pavillion

Samantha and David's Engagement in Epcot - France Pavillion

Samantha's Proposal in Epcot - France Pavillion

How They Asked

Throughout our relationship, Orlando, FL has had a huge piece of our hearts. A year after we began dating, we started the tradition of going to Halloween Horror Nights together. We became Universal Annual Passholders up until the year we had our daughter. For our daughters 1st birthday, we made a big Disney trip and decided to become Disney Annual Passholders. The past 2 years have resulted in more Disney trips than I can count on both hands, and each trip I thought would be THE TRIP. But every trip ended in the same result.

I decided I wanted to go on another trip before the year ended to celebrate our 12 year anniversary and mine and Mickey’s shared birthday – especially since this was his 90th celebration. I kept telling myself not to expect it and because of this, I ended up having a very sour mood. Our trip started on Friday, November 16th at ‘Ohana. We had breakfast with Lilo, Stitch, and Mickey and then began making our way to Epcot. I kept eyeing David’s shorts for some sign of a ring box but saw nothing.

At Epcot, our LO decided she wanted to do the walk from the parking to the entrance so I walked ahead of David and her (much to his relief). We walked through Epcot beginning with Mexico and making our way around the showcase. Before getting to France, I saw Belle was doing meet and greets so I couldn’t stop. We moved onward to France and David asked if I wanted to take pictures that there was a PhotoPass photographer there. With my sour mood, I rushed to the fountains and gave him a chance to tell the photographer he was going to propose.

We took a few sitting pictures and then David told me to take a few standing. And then it happened… that moment I’ve always read about on HTA. He took the box out and got down on one knee and everything went blank. I remember saying “OMG. STOP IT!” followed by many “I’m going to throw up” (hey, I waited forever for this and it was finally happening). After my shock and him reminding me I needed to give him an answer, I said YES and he placed a ring that was more than I could have ever asked for on my finger.

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