David and Viviana's Hot Air Balloon Proposal

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how we met

Viviana and I met at my local church on a Sunday morning. I was playing drums on stage when i saw that she was sitting in for service that morning. When we finished playing I looked at my Instagram and saw that she had posted a video of the band playing so it was the perfect time for me to start talking to her, I commented on her video about how she was stalking me playing drums and she replied that she didn’t even notice me, so I told her to meet me at the lobby so I could officially meet her! She said it was crazy but she would do it…

She came out and the very first time we talked I made her laugh so much that I even felt like we knew each other for a long time!! That same day I invited her to have dinner with me and she accepted! I took her to one of my favorite surf spots, but thought it would be challenging because she had heels on. When we got off, without me saying anything, she took off her heels and walked barefoot on the dirt. It didn’t take much for me to know that I wanted this girl, not only because she was amazingly beautiful but because she was so transparent and most importantly she was herself!

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how they asked

My best friend and i planned the whole thing.. We told her that it was just gonna b a promo video for the balloon company and he needed a couple to just play along with the location settings. When we got there my friend talked to us about how to just enjoy the ride and be ourselves! What she didn’t know is that I flew in her sister from Texas and had most of her and my family drive there just to witness out engagement. When we landed my friend was getting her attention while I was getting ready to talk to her about the set up. At this time I tap her shoulder and tell her that I had brought her to this place to ask her if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me!

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She cried looking into my eyes feeling joy and happiness but the most amazing thing happened, when I kneed down and put placed the ring on her finger she sees her sister that flew from Texas and Immediately was shocked and couldn’t believe all this was happening at once! We hugged and cherished amazing memories together! After that all of our friends and family drove to the closest lake and just hung out and ate as one family.

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Our Video

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