David and Valérie

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Montreal, Canada

How We Met

We’ve met in Montreal at the end of August in 2015 the old-fashioned way: in a bar! He was with a bunch of his friends and he was complaining to his friends that he was spending way too much time and money in bars and that he was never going to meet the mother of his children in a bar. Well, destiny thought differently and just a few minutes after saying those words, he locked eyes with me. After a few minutes of trying to think of a reason to talk to me, he noticed that I was wearing a ring on the “wedding finger”. Even though I wasn’t engaged or married, I’ve always worn a ring on that finger (some rings simply didn’t fit on any other fingers) Well, I’m glad I did because that fact was the actual reason he came to talk to me. He told me: I have to say that you are beautiful but my friends and I have been arguing over the fact that you are engaged or married….So which one is it?” And I answered: “Hi, I’m not engaged or married. My name is Valerie”. Fast forward to 3 months after, I moved in with him, and 3 months after that we moved into our own place!

how they asked

In June 2018, we bought a condo. When we went to the notary, our real estate agent gave us a gift certificate for a Hot Air Balloon trip (as a thank you for hiring him). It had always been on my bucket list and he told us that he heard us talk about it during one of the visits and that he wanted to surprise us. I was so touched by the gesture; our real estate agent was really a cut above! Little did I know that it was all organized by my one and only!

On September 14th, we go to the Hot Air Balloon activity and I’m super excited! We’re 2,000 feet above the ground and he asks the pilot to take a picture of us. He then turns to me and asks: ”Didn’t you find it odd that our real estate agent gives us a hot air balloon gift certificate? Well, honey, you’ve been punk’d as it was all staged by me.” When I realized what was happening, I started crying! It was such a magical moment, one that I will remember forever!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Montreal, Canada