David and Sofia's Sweet Proposal in a Tulip Field

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How We Met

We had mutual friends growing up and even attended the same pre-school together, where we keep finding pictures of us at our graduation at just 3 years old! David and I began dating sophomore year of high school and the rest is history. We grew up in El Paso, Texas, moved to Austin for college, and now live in Dallas with our three year old Westie.

how they asked

For my birthday in February, David gave me a birthday card and a bouquet of pink tulips in front of my family at dinner. As soon as I opened it, I immediately started crying! He had planned an entire surprise trip to Seattle in April for the two of us, the only month the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is open. I had wanted to go to this festival forever and was completely surprised that we were going to be there in just two short months! We would be there for four days and he had every single detail taken care of. Usually being the planner, I was having such a hard time letting go of the fact that he wasn’t going to let me help him. I was so appreciative of all of the thought and effort I knew he was putting into it.

As the second weekend of April rolled around, we landed in Seattle around lunch time and began exploring the city throughout the evening. We woke up early the next morning and David told me to get ready while he ran to get us coffee. When he got back in our hotel room, he handed me my coffee with a card and said, “We’re going on a scavenger hunt today!” I didn’t believe him. I opened the first card and pulled out a picture of us, dated 2009, and read the first clue.

Throughout the day, we went all over the city, having a blast along the way. After the fourth clue, David told me we had an hour at the hotel to change and we would be on our way again. We got in the car, singing and dancing along the way. For the past two months, David told me we were going to the Tulip Festival on Sunday, so when we started seeing signs for Mt. Vernon that Saturday, I was beyond confused. He gave me my seventh and final clue, seven clues for the seven years we have been together. The last clue led us to the Tulip Festival, where we parked and started walking in.

As we walked in, I immediately started taking pictures of the gorgeous fields. David grabbed my hand and pulled me into one of the rows and that’s when it finally hit me, he is going to propose! I immediately started freaking out (in the best way) and kept asking, “Is this really happening right now?!” when he finally replied, “Yes, it’s happening right now!” so that I would let him speak.

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After saying the sweetest words, which seemed to happen so fast, I saw my best friend getting down on his knee with my absolute dream ring.

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I said yes a million times and turned around to see that David had hired a photographer to capture the whole thing!

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We took a few photos there and then went to a town fifteen minutes away that looked like it was straight out of a movie. After driving back to Seattle, we went to Canlis for dinner for the most amazing and beautiful celebration.

He kept the surprises coming the rest of the weekend and truly left me speechless. I can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, the sweetest and most selfless person I know!

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