David and Samantha

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It was 2008 when the chase started. He had his eyes on her but she had plans of her own. Year after year the friendship continued to grow despite living across the country and many challenges but he persevered. In 2014, things changed. As he made his way back into Jersey, he made his way into her heart. As the friendship continued to grow, she began to fall in love with this mystery man whom had been in her life all these years. The love continued when they started dating in March of 2015; it was in June of 2017, when he asked her to be his wife. It was a Thursday morning in June when I woke up with a pit in my stomach. David had told me to pick out a nice outfit for date- night and I got goosebumps. He told me he had reservations to a beautiful restaurant and To be ready by 7. As I got ready, he appeared in a white polo, khakis and blue loafers. He looked so handsome. From the way he looked at me, I could tell that he loved me. When we pulled up to the restaurant, I was speechless. It was right on the Hudson River with the city skyline in perfect view. We had a candle lite dinner in which the manger kept making sure we were happy and comfortable. I kept thinking people weren’t that friendly. We enjoyed a beautiful dinner while watching the second game in the NBA finals. As dinner came to an end, the manager escorted us outside where we were surrounded by gardens, cabanas, fire pits and musicians playing music. Instantly david took my hand and asked me on a walk. As we walked up the pier, he led me to a path of rose petals, and candles everywhere. He asked me to take a selfie and as I turned around, he began to speak and shortly got on one knee. After immediately saying Yes, our friends and family appeared taking photos and bringing gifts. Now, we are set to wed in April of 2018.

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