David and Morgan

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How We Met

Both our families race motocross around New York state, my brother and sister race in beginner classes, and David and his father race expert classes. Our moms worked together years ago and have remained friends, and they introduced us at David’s mom’s birthday party at MotoMasters Motocross Park in Mexico, NY in April of 2014. We were fast friends and our relationship turned romantic just as quickly. We made it official June 15th, 2014 and have never looked back. Our relationship has always been very easy & transparent, we are absolutely best friends. We have the perfect dynamic together, he fills all my empty spaces and is so good at all things I’m terrible at & I do the same for him.

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My favorite thing about him is that he is the most fun person I’ve ever met, he is what keeps me young & wild, today and always. We currently rent a house in Fulton, NY with our 5 month old puppy, Loki, and his kitty brother, Milo. Life is good for us, we may not have our dream house in the middle of the woods yet, but I feel so full and spoiled that I get to have this wonderful young family with an amazing man that takes the best care of us and always puts us first. I will always feel so lucky that he chose me, and continues to choose me each day.

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how they asked

He had lots of ideas of how he wanted to ask and he was always telling me fake stories and leading me in all these different directions, as he does with any surprise he is excited about. He still managed to fly totally under the radar with this one though! He went to my parents Monday to ask my dad’s permission. (He told me he was so nervous the whole time) Then that Thursday was my 23rd birthday and he cooked me breakfast before work and took me to dinner, just the two of us, after I came home from my Zumba class. He never seemed nervous or like anything was on his mind at all! He bought this sweet little flannel shirt and a red bow tie for our puppy, and he said “Tomorrow at your party let’s have your dad take a family picture with the pup for your birthday” and I, of course, was thrilled and thought it was such a good idea! Then Friday came… (The Big Day) My mom planned a small family party at their house with cheesecake and cupcakes to celebrate my birthday!

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So I thought… I asked David if we could leave early because I wanted to beat everyone to the party so no one would watch us take pictures. David texted me at about 4:00 to say he had to work late and wouldn’t be home on time (He was actually at the bar with his buddy trying to calm his nerves, they had been there since 3:00!) He was trying his very best to stall because his sister and parents were running late. We got to my parents (late, but finally) and most of my family was already there and I didn’t want to wait any longer to get this picture done so I asked my dad if we could go outside and get it over with. As we went out the door the rest of my family was arriving and they followed us to the backyard.

I told everyone to go inside, but of course they didn’t listen… My anxiety at this point is practically through the roof. I’m on the shy side and I don’t know how to handle full attention on myself, and was already self conscious about taking pictures. We couldn’t get the dog to sit still and David was being super awkward so the few photos we got weren’t perfect but I was fine with that and ready to run out of the spotlight. (literally, run!) We stood up and I started walking up to the house, then David took me by the hand and looked in my eyes and said “You know that I love you, right?” and I said “Of course, I love you too!” I should’ve known that second from the way he looked at me.

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Next thing I know he reached into his pocket and got down on one knee, asking me to be his wife!! I couldn’t get a single word out, so I just kept nodding my head in approval.

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I cried the entire time and I was shaking for a good 10 minutes after that! I knew he has been ready to ask for a while now, but I still didn’t expect it to be this soon! I was caught so off guard and my emotions were flying around every direction. The whole experience was surreal, and I’m still shocked he pulled it off without me figuring it out beforehand!

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He said that’s exactly why he did it this way, he knew I wouldn’t have expected it at my own birthday party, but it was perfect. My dad caught every moment on camera and I am so grateful he did, and even though it was stressful, I’m extra grateful my family was there to witness it!

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Special Thanks

Jack Himes
 | Photographer