David and Melissa

How We Met

We met through a mutual friend of mine in law school. Several weeks before we met, my friend told me she thought I was cute, so I started posting a few more pictures of myself hoping she would see my photos. Little did I know she actually was looking at my pictures.

After about a month, I grew the courage to just send her a simple message via Instagram in the morning. At around 8 pm, she responded and we messaged back and forth for four hours. It was an instant click.

how they asked

For Christmas this year, I wanted to do something different. A material gift is too replaced or forgotten, so I told her this year I wanted to give her a better gift, one that she will not replace or forget because it was a trip where we would have fun and have great memories. We both have never been to Paris, let alone Europe, so it was very neat.


Special Thanks

Federico Guendel
Peter of London | 
Michael_Diamonds_LLC (Instagram name)
Gabriel and Co. | 
Engagement ring setting