David and Mekka

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How We Met

David and I met when we were in college at the University of Missouri in 2009. We started dating Spring of 2010 and David soon left for a summer internship in Mexico. We would have Skype dates every once in awhile and this turned into Skype dates almost every day that summer. When he returned, we went to a Jack Johnson concert for his birthday, where he finally asked me out to become his “official” girlfriend. Fast forward to 2012 and we are doing long distance. David now lives in Baltimore where he is a first-year medical student at the Johns Hopkins Medical School and I’m finishing my last year of college at Mizzou.

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After graduating in 2013, I moved to Bethesda, Maryland for a two-year internship and we are finally in the same state!! After my internship ended, I moved to New Haven, Connecticut for medical school and once again, we are doing long distance. After a couple of years, David moved closer to me to start his residency in New York City. Still long distance, but at least we are now only a train ride away. I think all our time apart brought us closer together and we are now eight years strong!

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how they asked

We took a trip to Iceland to celebrate me finishing my first board exam in medical school. The trip started out rocky as the weather in Iceland was horrendous and it seems like all the things we had planned to do were getting canceled by the weather. After a couple of days, the sun finally decided to come out and the rain had stopped pouring. After a perfect day visiting rainbow-covered-waterfalls and black sand beaches, we got picked up by our Northern Lights tour guide. Our tour guide informed us that the Northern Lights are fleeting and that it is not guaranteed that we will see them tonight. Low and behold they started to light up the sky!

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In the middle of two Northern Lights dancing together, our tour guide asked if we wanted a photo and of course, we said yes! What happened next was a blur – David kneeled and I can’t exactly remember what he said (he can’t either!) but all I know is I said yes and the Northern Lights danced to celebrate!!

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