Megan and David

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How We Met

David and I met like a lot of people have in the 21st century, Facebook. It was just a simple message on Facebook on March 19th, 2012. That one message started the rest of my life. As we got to know each other we came to realize that we grew up most of our lives right down the street from each other and along with many other things like his; compassion, strength and commitment, I knew that I would some day marry this man.

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how they asked

My favorite story thus far in my life. David had been planning this for 4-5 months and I had no idea, which is a surprise because he CANNOT keep a secret, especially from me. So it’s David, myself, my friend Julia, her boyfriend Garrett and David’s best friend Jay heading to the park so we can get there right when the park opens. Oh, by the way, they all knew what was going to happen that day. One very important detail is that I LOVE Elephants. Okay back to the story, we arrive at Six Flags and David says “We have to see the Elephants before we do anything else at the park.” So once we get in, we make our way to the Elephants and I’m just staring at these beautiful creatures in awe, when one of the Elephants with a flower headband walks up to me holding a bouquet of flowers, she then hands the bouquet to me. Standing there a little confused, David pulls me away quickly for pictures.

As we are taking pictures, I start to hear an accordion being played (by the other Elephant). I turn around to see the Elephant with the flower headband holding a sign (made by David) saying “Will You Marry Me?” Again, I turn around and there was David on one knee holding a gorgeous ring.

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In tears, I realize what is happening and answer the easiest question with YES!

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