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How We Met

I moved to Indianapolis in Spring 2014 for a job at the local CBS TV station. Coming from a smaller town in Indiana, Indy was “big city living” for me! In July, an old friend I’ve known since middle school invited me and my friends to his friend’s pool downtown. I usually worked the night shift but just so happened to have the early morning shift that weekend and was already off of work. It was an usually cloudy and chilly day for July in Indiana but I decided to go. “Why not?” – right? I thank God every day that I decided to go.

When my girlfriend Ami and I got to the pool and my friend started introducing me to his friends, I noticed David right away. I was skeptical about love at first sight – but now I definitely believe in “click” at first. We hit it off and since that cloudy day – July 26, 2014 – my life has never been the same. In our three years of dating, we have traveled around the country, ran a half marathon together and bought our first house. He is fun, intelligent and selfless. My family adores him and I love his. I am so thankful to have him in my life!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Downtown Indianapolis

David and Kate's Engagement in Downtown Indianapolis

how they asked

I have to preface this with the fact that my fiance is NOT a planner. When he made dinner reservations for us a whole week before the dinner, I was surprised. Little did I know there were many more surprises to come!

David made dinner reservations at an Indy staple – St. Elmo’s (also featured in Parks and Rec fun fact!). I was traveling a lot for my job and I was finally home until after the holidays – we were celebrating that. Or so I thought.

After dinner, he mentioned we should grab a drink at his friend’s apartment in the heart of downtown Indy. It was a causal request and I thought nothing of it. As we started walking to this apartment, we passed the Indiana War Memorial. David slowed down and told me he had to ask me something.

He got down on one knee and showed me the gorgeous emerald cut diamond he had picked out. I was SHOCKED, EXCITED, FREAKING OUT! Then I saw the photographer. I am beyond ecstatic David had planned this – these pictures are absolutely priceless and sending them to our family and friends who don’t live in Indy make them feel as though they were a part of this special moment.

Afterwards, he suggested we go back to our house and change and meet a few friends out. After walking in our door, I was greeted with “SURPRISE!” David had arranged all of my family, his family and our friends at the house to surprise me with champagne after he popped the question. It was the most special moment to me!

That night was the surprise of a lifetime and I love David even more for thoughtfully planning out my dream proposal!

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