Kaitlyn and David


How We Met

David and I met in our Anatomy and Physiology lab our junior year of college, 2014. I was sitting in the lab waiting for it to begin, and a guy came up to the open seat next to me and said, “Is this seat taken?” I said, “No, go for it.” We were lab partners that whole semester and became close friends. He was easy to talk to. He was fun to be around, hilarious, and very handsome. I fell for him before I even knew that I had. We started dating in June of 2015. We knew early in our relationship that this wasn’t just a fling or something to take lightly. We dated for a little over a year before we got engaged.

how they asked

David and I were visiting my parents for Thanksgiving. We had arranged to have some pictures taken by one of my good friends–check out Aphtyn Morse photography if you’re in the area–and we went out to the beach to take pictures. There was no special reason for the pictures that I knew of except to have some nice quality pictures.

A few weeks prior to our visit, I had wondered if maybe we would get engaged during the visit to Maine. But David squashed those thoughts by telling me that the ring he had designed was taking a while and wouldn’t be ready until closer to Christmas. I was fine with that.

But he had me completely fooled. We were at Popham Beach–in the freezing cold with tons of wind–shivering and taking pictures. After our photographer had taken a set of pictures of us, David looked at the pictures and said, “Hold on. Let’s take a few more. I need to get some flirtatious smiles out of this girl.” So we walked back over to where we were. He faced me and took both of my hands. He said, “You should smile because you’re beautiful. You should smile because I love you.” Then he knelt down, and I didn’t really know what was happening until I saw the ring that he had taken from his pocket. He said,”You should smile because I want to marry you. Will you be wife?” I was in shock. Of course I said yes. I can’t wait to marry that man. I’m so glad he went for it.


Special Thanks

Aphtyn Morse