Jessyca and David

how we met

David and I met on a dating site called Coffee Meets Bagel and from the minute we started talking, we both knew there was something different between us. As a wedding planner myself, I hear a a lot of stories of people saying “we just knew” and when your single, you sort of sit there and wonder what that feeling feels like, well now I know, “we just knew”. We talked those first days through text and on the phone all day until finally he asked me out on not one date but two at the same time. I had not been on a second date with any of the guys I had met online so you can imagine my speculation towards his two date proposal. My response was “let’s see how the first one goes and we will go from there”. We went for sushi and drinks and before we knew it the restaurant was closing and we had lost track of time, it was such an amazing evening.

We have been together for a year and a half and we are both traveling/adventure junkies so we have traveled to 10+ places already including Greece, India and London. One of our favorite spots though, in the US, has been the Sonoma/Napa area in California. We talked about one day getting married out there on a vineyard and having everyone we love there with us. Sadly, my father cannot fly though and a drive to California would be too many days so we had scratched that idea off our list.

how they asked

One day though, David said to me that he bought flights for us to go to California and enjoy some time together alone before the holidays and so he planned out the whole trip. He told me we would be flying into LA and then rent a car and drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco and end up in Sonoma. The day before we left, he told me he has messed up and actually bought the flights flying into San Francisco instead so our car rental, hotels and everything were incorrect. I freaked out for a second and then looked at him and said he had to figure it out, this wasn’t the first time he did something crazy like this to me so during our flight there he was booking everything.

In the end though, it was all a game, he had it all planned perfectly from the beginning to fly into San Francisco as usual and drive to Sonoma. He rented our favorite little cottage in Sebastopol that we stayed at our first Valentine’s Day together and had a car already ready to go when we arrived.

We went to some of the best vineyards throughout the day and ended in our favorite one, Iron Horse Vineyards in which he took me out to where the grapes grow to take a picture and as we admired the view he said to me, “I know we cannot get married here but we can get engaged here, will you marry me?” I will never forget that moment.

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