David and Christine

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how we met

I think ‘You bring pizza, I’ll bring wine?’ was the text that kicked off David and I’s first date. I was so nervous I drove us over a curb on our way to the Drive In movies. As David rattled off random facts about our favorite bands and we compared travel experiences I quickly realized we are kind of the same person. Even though we grew up 20 minutes away from each other, we had somehow never crossed paths until introduced by a mutual friend. It took a couple attempts of David asking me out (sorry, babe) before I finally came around and drove to his house at midnight and told him I was ready to be his girlfriend. His determination to pursue me has not stopped since.

how they asked

I moved to San Francisco for work and David moved to Laguna Beach for school. We learned California is just way too big and planned as many trips as we could to see each other. We were especially excited for our Fourth of July weekend trip since it is our favorite holiday. David surprised me with brunch at restaurant overlooking the Laguna coast line. We were having a heart to heart on our walk to the restaurant and found ourselves standing at a look out spot covered in rose petals. I proceeded to tell him that we need to move because someone was going to propose here any minute. At that moment David pulled out the most beautiful ring from his back pocket and got down on one knee. It was the easiest decision I have ever made. And fireworks to remind us of that moment every year … who wouldn’t love that?

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I was embarrassingly oblivious to the entire proposal and didn’t see the multiple cameras set up and his friend capturing the whole thing. I turned around to see not only the entire restaurant cheering from inside but my best friend and two soon to be cousins as well. The rest of the day was filled with swimming, bbq, and of course FIREWORKS!

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The perfection of our proposal day is a testament to David and how well he knows and loves me. I will forever be thankful for such a beautiful day and can’t wait for this next chapter of life with my best friend.

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