David and Celeste

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How We Met

While we both attended the Xavier University of Louisiana together, we didn’t really run in the same friend groups and did not really meet until years after we graduated. One day Celeste reached out to me to congratulate me on all my success and asked me to get drinks to celebrate. Yes, she hit the DMS and shot her shot!!!. We went out to a nice bar and started dating exclusively months after.

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How They Asked

By October of 2021, we had been dating for over two years so I thought it was about time. I purchased the ring and planned to propose on January 15, 2022. My friend shot a commercial for Celeste and me for my law practice in early 2021. The plan was to tell Celeste that we were going to shoot a commercial in front of St. Louis Cathedral and then when we arrived, a street performer would hand me a microphone and I would perform a proposal rap with original lyrics and then propose. Her family and friends would be hiding until I dropped to a knee and surprise her even more. Unfortunately, plans do not always work out. One week before the proposal I checked the weather for January 15, 2020, and it called for thunderstorms. I was disappointed but thank God Celeste has great friends and they recommended recording the rap proposal first and then playing it at the movie theater and proposing there because we love movies. My mom, little brother, and I created the cards and I recorded the rap the night before the proposal. I also called the theater and rented it out for the next day.

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The proposal occurred on January 15, 2022, in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Prytania Theater in Canal Place.

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I filled the theater with Celeste and I’s closest family and friends. I then invited her to go see a movie and purposely arrived late so that the previews would be showing and that it would be dark so that she would not notice anyone. Once the “Let’s all go to the lobby” video played I knew that was the cue for my video to start. My video then started playing, showing the first 20 or so seconds of Common’s “Come Close” music video. Then at about the thirty-second mark, the performance of my rap proposal started playing. After the video ended, the theater went completely dark and I dropped to a knee to propose. The lights in the theater then came on, she said yes and then discovered that her closest family and friends were watching us the whole time. Then came the tears.

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