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After months of brainstorming on how to ask her, I finally decided to do it in one of our favorite spot, Yosemite. I booked us in a Bed and Breakfast on 20 acres of land just outside of Yosemite valley. The second day of our trip, we went on a long 9 mile hike. It was one of the more strenuous hikes that we have done, but it was so beautiful and rewarding. On our way up, we passed several spots that I wanted to pop the question to her, but decided to stick to my original plan and propose on top of the highest water fall.

After hours of hiking, we finally reached the top of Vernal Falls. Its about 6000 feet elevation and it was so worth it. Proposing was a lot scarier than I anticipated. She tried to start our descent back down the mountain several times before I found the guts to ask her. So, I would pretend and say that I was tired, or sore when the reality was, I was just too nervous! Eventually, while we were sitting in the perfect spot overlooking the entire Yosemite Valley, I couldn’t wait any longer. I finally pulled the ring box from my hiding spot in the backpack, and presented it to the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

Few seconds into my pitch, I hear “What are you doing?” and saw a huge smile take over her face. I said “Babe, you are my best friend, and I love you more every single day. You have always been my partner in adventure, and I would really love for you to be my partner in life. Will you marry me?” She exclaimed the only word I wanted to hear…YES. Holding back tears (yes, both of us), we kissed and looked down over the beautiful Yosemite Valley. After a couple of hours, we made it back to our BnB. Little did she know, I had let the BnB hosts know weeks before the proposal, and asked for their help. They filled our room with balloons, roses, and other decorations…and of course, Champagne. The look on her face when opening the door to our room was exactly what I had hoped it would be…shock, excitement and love. Through hours of hiking, thousands of feet of elevation and a rollercoaster of emotions…at the end of this day, I was engaged to the love of my life

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