David and Cecily

how we met

Cecily and I worked for the same company but not in the same office of course. We met at an event and then come to find out that one of my good friends sister was her best friend! Needless to say that made it much easier to convince her to hangout more.

how they asked

They say marry your best friend. That’s when I knew she was the one. She’s my best friend and biggest supporter through out whatever life brings. After many sleepless nights and countless hours of planning, it finally started to come together. I knew that when the time did come, there was two things that had to happen..

1. Make sure her nails were done.

2. Have a professional photographer capture our moment.

After finding and reaching out to our amazing photographer Merrisa, next came where to do it. Two winters ago we wanted to ice skating at the Frog Pond in Boston but never made it. That’s when the idea clicked! I found out I was able to rent out the Frog Pond on this busy December weekend day.

After an hour of skating they made an announcement to clear the ice for the zamboni. That’s when I had to stall so everyone could get off the ice so I pretended to tighten my skates. Once most of the crowd emptied the ice, our song came on over the intercom. That was when I was to get on my knee, right in the middle, right in-front of the entire crowd, while Merrisa captured our moment. Shortly after proposing we headed out into the surrounding city and took a ton of stunning photos! We then finished the best day of our life a restaurant that had a bottle of champagne waiting.

Here’s to spending the rest of my life with my best friend.

Special Thanks