Brittany and David


How We Met

We met in college, he lived with one of my friends from high school in the dorms as random roommates. We knew each other or quite some time before we dated, once we finally connected and gave each other a chance, it’s been history ever since. I left the part out where I called all my friends freaking out when I kissed him for the first time, because Dave was shy and awkward and I was not attracted to him at all.


I would call all my friends and be like “you’re never going to guess who I kissed last night” it was all humorous, and then I decided to give him a chance and now 3 1/2 years later, we live with our dog and are engaged . Love is amazing!!!!


how they asked

We had a photography session scheduled to get Christmas pictures done, it was at a Christmas tree farm. We got there , us and our dog. We took some photos of just us with the photographer and then some with our dog. Towards the end of the session the photographer said she was going to get a Happy Holidays sign for our dog to put around his neck. She came back put it on his neck (I didn’t see it at first) and next thing I knew he was down on one knee asking me to marry him and the sign around our dogs neck said “Will you marry dad”?




Special Thanks

Rebecaa Lynn Photography