Brittany and David

Proposal Ideas David’s parents backyard in Hollywood Florida

How We Met

David and I first met in August of 2018. We met on coffee meets bagel, a dating app. He has asked to call me on the phone after messaging for 24 hours and we talked on the phone twice that week for an hour both times and went on our first date that weekend. He was very intentional in our conversations and knew what he was looking for and I really liked that. We went out and kept talking and by October of 2018 we were an “official” couple and by January of 2019, we were engaged!

How They Asked

We meet almost 5 months ago on a dating app. We starting messaging and within 24 hours he had asked if he could call me. He called me on the phone twice before we went out for dinner at the end of the week. After that, we spent the next few weeks talking on the phone and going out occasionally. We had decided after a couple of months to start dating more seriously and we start talking about one day getting married. So in December, we decided let’s get married in 2019 and since I am a teacher, I said let’s get married this summer. So from here, he starting planning a proposal. I didn’t know how or when he would propose, but that it was coming in the next month or so. I had the flu on Christmas Eve and went to urgent care, got medicine and then went to church to sing and his whole family was coming to my church to watch me sing.

After the service, he drove back with me and he was stopping at the grocery store and then stopped to get gas in my car and I was like your family is at the house waiting, we need to get home. So when we got home, he said that he had something to show me. He took me in the backyard and he had set up a path of candles and lights and rose petals and at the end was a chair. He asked me to sit down and then he got down on his knees.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in David’s parents backyard in Hollywood Florida

He said that I want to show you that I love you like Christ loves the church and I want to serve you and so he washed my feet, a symbol used to show this in the church, and then he got on one knee and asked if I would marry him. His family was inside waiting for us and he had been stalling going to the house, so they could go and light all the candles and his sister could hide to take pictures. It was a very romantic and heartfelt proposal and I was so surprised and blessed!