David and Astrid

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How We Met

David and I (officially) met in September 2013. My cousin Leigh-Ann’s boyfriend is his best friend and David was always around at family events, though I never met him at any of them (my parents, grandparents, and sisters did). I am a few months older than them and at that time for some reason, I felt there was an age gap between us and didn’t hang out with them as much.

A few years passed and even though Leigh-Ann and I were always close, as we grew older we became more like best friends and did hang out a lot. One day she asked me if I wanted to go to a karaoke night with her and her friends. I wasn’t in the mood but she insisted. That night I finally met David, the guy I was hearing about but didn’t know yet.

That night we talked and I noticed he was very shy, a few weeks later we became very close friends and talked about everything. How could I become so close to a person I just met? I knew he was special.

His father was diagnosed with cancer that year and I really wanted to meet him, although it was never possible as it got worse. On December 21, 2013, he passed away. I was always there for him and was very surprised to see how strong he was. I would be very sad at times thinking that I couldn’t get to meet him. One day David noticed I was different and I told him how I felt, he said his father always wanted to meet me too and when we went out his father used to tell him every time: Are you going out with Astrid? You two are going to end up together!

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He is our angel.

Months went by and we became very good friends. We both dated other people briefly during that time, nevertheless his mom and some close friends would keep thinking we liked each other, we always denied it. I then realized I had feelings for him and one of my best friends without knowing him yet, encouraged me to give it a chance after listening to how I talked about him. One day we went with my family to the beach and he grabbed my hand, I felt so many emotions inside me as never before. Two weeks later he asked me to be his girlfriend with a bouquet of roses, all red and just a white one that had printed in its petal

: Will you be my girlfriend? I said my first yes to him on May 7, 2014, and from that day on we are inseparable.

A year and a half after becoming his girlfriend I moved to Madrid to study for my Master’s degree. We were in a long distance relationship for nine months. We missed each other terribly and would talk every time. He visited me twice and I came once to Panama to his brother wedding. We lived by this quote: “True love doesn’t mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes”. After I came back it truly was as if nothing had changed. We had four years and seven months together to the date he proposed.

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How They Asked

Since the beginning of 2018 we talked about getting married in the near future (2019, 2020?) Actually I didn’t know when but only the idea of spending the rest of my life with him had me daydreaming the entire year. I didn’t know when it was going to happen nor where. I did imagine he would want to take me by surprise, he wouldn’t dress or act differently, in order words… I wouldn’t know anything.

My favorite month, December, arrived. Christmas went by and for me, every special date was a possibility. Nothing happened. December 27th, 2018 was a day like any other. I went to work when arriving home my parents told me they were going to the cinema, one of my sisters was going out with her friends and the other was heading to the gym. My parents even left my house in jeans!

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As new years was coming up and I always spend it at the beach with David’s family his mom chatted in the family’s Whatsapp group that as one of his brothers wasn’t able to go with us to the beach we would all have dinner that day to spend time together before new years. David picked me up and I noticed he was breathing heavily, we talked about work and politics in our way to the restaurant so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

When we arrived at the restaurant we were headed to a room inside it and as I walked in my eyes followed a trail of petals and beautiful gold balloons that read: MARRY ME. I instantly realized in that precise moment what was going on. The love of my life was about to propose, I cried non stop. There were photographers and videographers capturing every reaction. We followed the petals on the floor and when we arrived at the balloons he kneeled and ask me to marry him. It is my second “yes” to him, a YES for a lifetime!

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Our family and best friends were hiding and they all came one by one to hug and congratulate us. I even learned my best friends helped David in planning everything. Another huge surprise was that one of them who is studying her Masters in Florence, Italy and with whom I have a lifestyle Instagram account with (@girlslovepty) came especially to witness this moment. David had asked her a month before to come to Panama and live this moment with us. She said she couldn’t miss it. That night our family and best friends were also extremely happy, it was an amazing atmosphere.

My dad and David’s brother gave a toast and we all had dinner. It was definitely the happiest day of our lives (until now!). Will be continued…

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