Angel and David


how they asked

Sunny day yet cold breeze San Francisco California on November 28, been driving for an hour. “Lost” our family in a neighborhood deep in SF that we were following to get to the beach (they were the ones that set up the proposal), finally we got a hold of them.

Got to the beach. It was sooo beautiful! We started walking down the long narrow steps to get to his family. As my fiancé hugged his cousin, he slipped the ring into his pocket. His sister then hurried us to the cave.

Once we arrived, there was a huge gorgeous “WILL YOU MARRY ME” sign, completed by rose petals in the candle jars surrounding it. As he said his heartfelt speech to me, he kneeled unto one knee and asked me if I’ll do the honor of marrying him.


As I said yes, all his family, friends and strangers came from both sides of the cave clapping congratulating us.