Amber and David

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How We Met

mber’s first memory of David: It was summertime in 1998 and we were playing on the trampoline at a mutual friend’s house. David got up on the trampoline and taught us a game called “Bacon”. Looking back, I realize that “bacon” was just David’s own knock off version of “popcorn” but we thought he was cool so we went with it.

David’s first memory of Amber: I remember going out into the backyard of Connie’s house. It was my first memory of Amber. She was wearing a pink Abercrombie shirt. We jumped on the trampoline for hours and played games. We were friends from that point on.

We went back to school that fall and ended up being in the same 4th grade classroom and again in 5th grade. Our friendship grew as we got older and by the time we were in 6th grade we were pretty close. By 7th grade we’d talk every night on AIM and most nights on the phone. We dated each others friends and spent every single day together during the summer before 8th grade on double dates with two of our best friends. Our teenage years were spent calling each other when we wanted to catch up and “helping” each other with homework. We sat next to each other in almost every class through high school and Amber mastered David’s handwriting to help him finish assignments last minute (sorry to all of our teachers, oops!). We truly were best friends as we grew up. Then we went our separate ways as we went off to college and only kept in touch occasionally just to check in with each other. Several years went by and during the summer of 2011 we reconnected at a friend’s bonfire. We began talking more frequently and our friendship picked up right where it left off. As we both went back to college in the fall we continued to talk at least once a week, primarily on Amber’s commute home from school on Wednesday nights. With our friendship closer than ever, we were able to support each other through heart breaks and hardships.

In Spring of 2014, we decided to go out in Royal Oak for drinks and catching up. After dinner, we went back to his apartment to watch a movie. It was like we hadn’t skipped a beat as we stayed up late and talked and laughed for hours. As Amber drove home from Royal Oak that night, David called her to make sure she was safe. As the phone conversation continued, David asked Amber if she wanted to give “this” a shot. Fresh out of a long relationship and scared that a friendship could be ruined, Amber reluctantly said “yes“. We spent nearly every day together that summer getting closer and closer. It didn’t take long for us to realize that there was a reason why we had always connected.

They always say that the person you marry should be your best friend. We took it literally. After over a decade of friendship and a year and a half of being in love; were getting married, & we cannot wait to share this journey with all of you!

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how they asked

(From Amber’s perspective)

I got out of work on a Friday and stopped at the store on the way home. As I pulled in the driveway, I noticed that David was already home from work. I went up to the house and tried to unlock the door, however my house key wouldn’t fit in the key hole. I started to get frustrated since my arms were full with bags from the store and work stuff (I’m, stubborn and I always try to carry everything in one trip). I began knocking on the door for help. After a while of knocking with no help, I put all my stuff down and tried unlocking the door again. At this point I was really aggravated that David is sitting inside listening to me knock and not getting up to help (or so I thought) I finally got the door open and found 2 dozen long stemmed red roses on the table with several candles lit around them. Once I get closer, I notice the note on the table that read:

Amber Love,
Follow the candles and flowers.
I love you,
David Moulds

I looked down the hallway and saw a trail of roses and candles leading me down a path to the back door with little notes along the way telling me to keep going. I instantly forgot about how mad I was 30 seconds prior as I was surrounded by his loving gestures.

*Side note before I continue the story: Everyone keeps asking me “Did you really not see that coming?”. The answer to that question; NO! It is not uncommon for David to lite candles around the house for me when I get home from work and he frequently buys me flowers “just because” so I really thought this was just one of his cute romantic moments.*

I walked out the back door to find David holding a rose. I told him how much I loved the flowers and candles and then proceeded to ask him about his work day and tell him how much I loved his tie. David kissed me about 12 times during this conversation- probably in attempts to get me to stop talking so much. Once he could finally get a word in he grabbed my hands and said, “Amber, I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He then got down on one knee and my head started spinning- I kind of blacked out for a second so I don’t exactly remember the next few words he said. The next thing I remember him saying was, “Will you marry me?”. As my head spun faster and my eyes filled with tears I managed to get out a “YES!” followed by an “are you kidding me?!” as David pulled out a little white box I fell to my knees right there with him. We sat on our deck and cried and hugged and kissed in excitement. Then in true Amber fashion, I asked about 75 other questions like “Does my family know? What did my dad say? Do your parents know? Does Jenny know? Do my friends know?” (sorry for the obnoxiousness, David!). Once he finally got me up on my own two feet again and my breathing back to normal, he told me that he had the whole thing recorded and pointed out the camera. It was the best moment of my life, but I have no doubts that the best is yet to come, all with him by my side.

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better proposal, and there is no one better for me than the man who did it.

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