Amanda and David

How We Met

In late 2013 I relocated from Atlanta, GA for a position in Dallas, TX. During my various on boarding meetings I had the opportunity of meeting David who also worked for the company. I thought he looked like a bearded grey eyed outdoorsman – I was into him! We continued to get to know each-other over the next few months partnering on various projects. I would try and find any excuse to walk over his desk or leave him notes asking for his help (I have terrible handwriting which he described as “graffiti”). It wasn’t till a few months later that I finally suggested we go grab drink and from that happy hour forward we were a pair!

One of our first big “dates” was a weekend trip to Austin – my first time! I’m pretty into photo-booths and we have no shortage of photo strips laying all around the house.

Image 1 of Amanda and David

He’s a photographer and somehow I managed to force him into a awkward family photo for our first Thanksgiving. We had also recently adopted the precious pup Idabelle (shown below).

Image 2 of Amanda and David

A shot of us on a summer trip to Carlsbad Caverns – I guess you could say I’m a outdoorsman now too.

Image 3 of Amanda and David

A family outing during a scorching Texas summer…

Image 4 of Amanda and David

We’ve had the opportunity to do and see so many amazing things while getting to know each other. This past Halloween we visited Saugatuck, MI with friends – I managed to sucker him into being the sailor to my Cher circa 89′.

Image 5 of Amanda and David

how they asked

For the last six months or so we have been planning a trip to Vietnam for Thanksgiving. This would be my first big trip outside the country and I was nothing but nerves leading up to it. We knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and talked about getting engaged but to my knowledge nothing serious had been planned. Needless to say I was completely shocked (a feat in itself) when during the last leg of our trip in Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam I was given the most amazing gift I’ve ever received. We were so lucky to have our friend Adam with us on the trip who I give full credit for the photos!

I thought we were just going to take a quick kayaking tour around the bay when it happened. I freaked out not only because I was wearing the worst outfit EVER but because I was absolutely shocked!

Image 6 of Amanda and David

I accepted, obviously.

Image 7 of Amanda and David

A few incredible shots of the perfect location!

Image 8 of Amanda and David