David and Amanda T

How We Met

Amanda and I met the old-fashioned way… On Hinge! She happened to notice my profile page while I was in the gym just a few blocks from where my office and where she lived. Amanda happened to notice my answer to the prompt asking about the most spontaneous thing I had ever done.

I responded saying that I had driven throughout the night and traveled over 700 miles to surprise my grandparents for brunch on my birthday. Amanda messaged me saying how sweet she thought that was and that it is rare to find someone these days with such strong family values and who cares about their grandparents. We met for one beer at my favorite brewery, Wooden Robot, and hours later ended up being the only table still there. The server had to ask us politely to leave, we lost track of the time! Amanda never had a chance to meet my grandmother but was fortunate enough to get to know my grandfather. The day we left after first introducing Amanda to my grandfather, Harry called my parents and told them that he thought we would be married within a year. COVID happened, and we moved in together. We didn’t get married within the year but I’m sure Harry would be so happy to know she said yes and we are now getting married.

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How They Asked

David joked that I would have to be the one to propose to him, so on our first New Years’ trip together (three months into us dating), I “proposed” to him with a ring pop on New Year’s Eve! I told David that my part of the proposal was done, and I’d be ready for him to pop the actual question. That ring pop traveled with David and us on any trip we took and it became a fun, sentimental prop on our adventures. When we were booking our two-year anniversary trip to Costa Rica, I didn’t even think David would propose because he kept throwing so many red herrings my way! “We’ll go look at rings after Costa Rica,” he said, or “We’re going to Paris for Valentine’s Day, sounds like an amazing place to get engaged!” So when we left for Costa Rica, I assumed it wouldn’t happen on this trip…even though I told him it would be amazing to get engaged on the side of a volcano! Every hike we went on, David took out the ring pop and it ended up being a running joke that he would propose with the ring pop at various waterfalls. Three days before our two-year anniversary, we went on a grueling hike to Rio Celeste – a beautiful waterfall at the base of a volcano. He staged the GoPro for yet another ring pop proposal, so this time I played along, getting all excited for the camera when he bent down on one knee and put the bright blue ring pop on my finger. Well, he completely surprised me when he said, “Now you have to take the ring pop off to put the real one on,” and then he pulled the engagement ring out of his pocket. I was so surprised and shocked, I wasn’t expecting it at all! I’m so glad he recorded the whole thing on GoPro. We love watching it and I laugh every time at the authentic surprised look on my face. In an era where so much of life seems “staged” for social media, it’s so nice looking back and realizing how “real” our proposal truly was. We hope you enjoy watching the video too!

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