Alexis and David


How We Met

David and I have known each other for quite some time, a little over 8 years to be exact. We met at our church where we both have attended since 2005. Even though we have known each other for a long time we didn’t start becoming best friends until 3 years ago when we went on our first missions trip together. Being able to see each other in the worst of conditions, physically, but the greatest of spirits sparked a feeling I had never felt towards this man before. He became someone that I wanted to get to know (a lot) better and pursue after.

Since there is a small age gap in our relationship it was in the best interest of our future to take a year and really get to know each other and see how this whole thing might turn out. We spoke about our biggest fears and our greatest adventures. I shared my heart with him about where I see myself in the distant future, and he did the same. So one year later on May 31, 2014 David asked me to be his “official” girlfriend. Ever since that day we’ve continued to grow, learn from the good and bad moments, and most importantly love each other unconditionally.


how they asked

The day he proposed was an extremely busy day! It started at 9am and didn’t end until 8pm. I was running around like crazy celebrating friends, family, and all things fall!

Once I arrived home my mother insisted I’d see something she had built in the backyard (that was just to get me outside). She put a blindfold on my face and we headed out the back door. As I was unknowing walking towards my future I was honestly excited to see what was on the other side of this blind fold. Little did I know the surprise I had coming.

We stood there for a second before my mom asked “are you ready?” (that was mainly for David) but I answered for him. She removed the blindfold. There stood the love on my life. Shining under the stars and hipster lights hanging from the gazebo he built for me that very day!


My hands quickly covered my face in complete shock, not expecting this scenario at all. He came to grab my hands and walked, basically carried, me to the middle of the gazebo. I couldn’t believe this moment had finally arrived. I was about to be an engaged woman, and I was SO ready! I wish I could tell you I remember every word he said to me, but that would be a lie. I was in the “love zone” and didn’t see, hear, or think of anyone else besides him.


side note: later on he let me read the words he had planned to say, because apparently all the words he had planned to say “went out the window” right after he saw my reaction. Reading those words and feeling the love through them, brought tears of joy and excitement.

Then, I heard the words of every little girl planning their wedding dreams of. He asked, “Alexis Ann Schubiger. Will you marry me?”


I couldn’t say YES fast enough! Before he could stand up I grabbed his face and told him how much I loved him and couldn’t believe he was my fiancé! And then the most amazing thing happened, the reason why I feel in love with him.


My absolute favorite memory from that night. Before he put the ring on my finger he said he wanted to pray over our marriage and future.


Thanking Him for His goodness and grace through our relationship thus far, and blessing it for the years to come. We were able to have some moments just the two of us under the beautiful gazebo and hipster lights he reminded me of how far our relationship has come in the past two years, and how excited he was for the future. We stayed outside for a little while longer just reminiscing of old times, dreaming ahead, and dancing under the moon and stars.




Special Thanks

Mallory Jane