Dave and Shanna's Outdoor Colorado Proposal

How We Met: “David and I met through our church,” is what I always say. What I sometimes leave out is the fact that I found him by Facebook stalking our Pastor, looking for photos of cute guys to potentially meet. What better place to find the man of your dreams than in church? After a little perusing, I saw David’s picture. His profile told me he owned a cinematography company and after checking out his website, I noticed he’d done a few testimonial videos for our church (as well as the most beautiful wedding films I’d ever seen – insta-brownie points for this guy! “Seriously, so romantic. There’s NO way this guy is single,” I thought.

Taking a chance anyway, I sent him a friend request and wrote a message complimenting his videos and asking if he went to the same church. He wrote back about a day after, (I later found out he read my message instantly, but didn’t want to respond too quickly with fear of looking too eager, haha!) thanking me for the message, telling me he drummed for the worship team (MORE brownie points!) and asking me if I wanted to meet up for coffee sometime. Not wanting to start a potential “something” with a lie, I wrote back that I hated coffee, but would love to meet up for ice cream.

Four days and a few more messages later, we met up for frozen yogurt, and all clichés aside, the rest is history.

HowTheyAsked: “He made me the sweetest video you’ve ever seen!!” is the summed up version, but to appreciate the total amazingness of this, I need to go back to the beginning. Literally, since about Day 11, Dave and I knew that we were going to be married. We talked openly with excitement about our future together almost every day; neither one of us had a thread of doubt that God created us for each other, and that we were meant to share our lives. Our dream is a Colorado lifestyle for the beginning of our marriage – we’ve both always wanted to move somewhere new and exciting, and were just waiting for the right person to share that adventure with. Over the 4th of July, we spent a week camping, hiking, and soaking up the crisp mountain air, falling more in love with each other and Colorado, our future home, every single day. During our time there, Dave wanted to film an “About Me” segment for his business’ website, but we never got to it. Dang! He didn’t seem too bummed, and I didn’t really think anything of it. We had another trip planned in October for a wedding – we’d just shoot it then, I thought!

Over the next few months, Dave seriously would not stop talking about this video we had to shoot for him. I was excited for him, (after all, the plan was for ME to shoot it, so I’d get to use the fancy cameras and feel like a legit director!) but I couldn’t quite understand what all the hype was for. Fast forward to October – I had assumed since July that he would propose the next time we were in Colorado, but in the last weeks leading up to our trip he was acting SO NORMAL. There was no way he had anything planned – I was convinced I’d be able to tell when he was up to something. Not wanting to be disappointed, I pushed a potential engagement out of mind and vowed to just have fun! I knew we were going to be married someday soon, so it didn’t matter to me when he actually asked. We planned to shoot his video on a Friday, in Rocky Mountain National Park. I got myself all prettied up that morning because he also said we could take a few photos up in the mountains. Looking back on it, I should’ve known something was up – the entire drive there he was giggly like a little school-girl and told me how beautiful I looked at least 37 times. I was just excited to see the mountains, so I figured he was too! The initial plan was to shoot his video at Bear Lake, but the road was closed, so we just found a private meadow area surrounded by mountains (it actually ended up way prettier there!). I later found out that poor Dave nearly had a minor breakdown when we found out Bear Lake road was closed – that had been his plan all along and he certainly didn’t anticipate having a change it up so last minute! We set up the cameras and I sat on a wooden stool so he could get the cameras dialed in, and later hooked up a mic so we could get the audio working. I’d helped him with this countless times before, so nothing about it seemed strange. Once he got everything set up, he told me he had this app on his iPad that would help me when I was filming him, and that he needed to show me how to work it. He handed me his iPad and told me to push “Play”.

At this point I still had no idea anything special was happening, until one of our favorite Matt Wertz songs came on and a video Dave had created for me popped up. I sat on that stool, tears streaming down my face, watching a video of my best friend share his love and spill his heart out on film, asking my parents for their permission to marry me, and telling me of his promise to never lose sight of the way God brought us together in such perfect timing. The video ended and he was in front of me on one knee with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen (which I didn’t even look at until minutes later), tears in his eyes and asked simply, “baby, will you marry me?” It was the most emotional, happiest moment of my life. The video you see is the one he created for me, with the one he took of me watching it embedded in it. No girl ever wants to forget the details of that moment, and thankfully, with our video, I never will.

Video by Perceptive Films

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