Dave and Rachel

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How we met: Starting in 2012, Rachel and I were members of the same teaching program in Baltimore City. We informally ran into each other from time to time, she may have even ignored me once (she denies this to this day haha). Little did we know that during our run-ins over the year and a half, we both caught each other’s eye every time. In January of 2014, I finally got the chance. My friend Morgan invited me to his house for a little party before going out later that night. In a voicemail, he even told me that “Rachel Reddish” would be there. In my head, I thought, “Alright, Dave, better not screw this up.” After the voicemail, I rushed to shower, put on some nice clothes, and then grabbed some beer for the “party”. I knocked on Morgan’s door, walked in, and to my surprise saw everybody wearing sweatpants and t-shirts… Not what I was thinking. Who cares though, I thought, Rachel Reddish was there. That 4-hour night filled with Cards Against Humanity, lots of puppy chow, and a couple beers ended with me getting her number, and then the rest is history.

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how they asked: So about a week later, on January 19th, 2014, we started dating. Quick turn-around, right? Don’t worry…you’ll notice a trend soon. We had an amazing near-year together; so amazing that I knew I had to ask Rachel Reddish to be my wife. Now Rachel is an amazingly easy-going woman, but I also knew that she DEFINITELY had a fantasy check-list for how she wanted her one-day proposal to go. So let me explain how I attempted to hit every part of her check-list for our proposal moment on January 18th, 2015.

Ring: Rachel always said she wanted a “unique” engagement ring. I was like, “Oh, great, of course you don’t want what everyone else has.” Well after one quick google search, I found the perfect jewelry designer. The jeweler is this awesome “unique” engagement place up in New York City. After making a quick email one night, I was able to more-or-less design an engagement ring that fit her personality AND pick out a diamond in the span of just two weeks. Kudos to Patty for being a huge help! There was just one problem: The ring was complete on January 13th, and I needed it for January 18th. Well, I simply told Rachel I would be a little late seeing her after work on Friday because of a meeting at school. Little did she know, my parents and I left at 8am to go pick the ring up from Manhattan, then to turn right back around and head back to Baltimore.

Location: Rachel always said she wanted the location to be special. A month prior to our one- year dating anniversary, we were planning on renting a house in the Poconos for our one-year anniversary. Little did Rachel know, we were planning the exact spot that would be attached with our proposal. So we found this awesome spot nestled right back into the woods on a road that literally only five cars drive on in one day. Even better, this creek-side cabin had a sweet bridge that went right over top of the creek (the proposal spot!).

Photographers: Rachel always said she wanted surprise photographers during the exact moment of the proposal. This I thought was over the top and I didn’t really know how to accomplish this. Regardless, I knew I was going to propose to her in the Poconos on the bridge, which I figured would be a great photo-op. But who would take these pictures?!? So again, with a quick search of “Pocono proposal photography”, I found a photography company! I sent an email out, got a reply (they said they’ve never done this before haha), but then…wow…there I was…looking at a map and pictures to coordinate spots where the photographers would hide as I got to one knee to ask Rachel to be my wife.

Hair & Nails & Dress: Rachel always said she wanted her hair & nails done for her proposal. This was easy, Rachel had gotten her hair done the week before the day I was planning. I thought, “Phew! That was easy.” As far as nails were concerned, my mom helped me out big and got dinner and nails done with Rachel two nights before the big day. Now being dressed…hmm. I actually lied to Rachel telling her that I reserved a super nice lunch spot for us so she would get dressed all “fancy”.

The Proposal: Now, we wake up on January 18th, 2015 (the day). Rachel woke up because she was probably excited for my awesome breakfast that I was going to cook. I woke up, on the other hand, because my heart was about to come out of my throat… I was so nervous. To top it all off, there was a huge ice storm that was rolling in the exact moment of when I coordinated with the photographers for the proposal. Fast forward to 1:50pm. 10 minutes away from the proposal, I’m in the kitchen freaking out, syncing times and making a group-text with both photographers. Rachel is still getting ready. At 2:00pm, the moment that I should be on one knee proposing to Rachel, I’m still in the kitchen and Rachel is still getting ready. So I had to send a courteous text to the photographers, saying, “We may be a few minutes late…you know how women are with getting ready.” Mind you, these photographers have been hiding behind trees and rocks during the rain/ice storm for about 20 minutes now. Finally, 2:10 pm rolls around and we walk out the door (with an umbrella). We traverse the icy path, onto the bridge. I set-up the go-pro (she thought we were taking nice pictures on the bridge since we were dressed up, but it’s actually for a video of the proposal) and ask Rachel to put the umbrella down for pictures. She turns around to put the umbrella down, I drop to one knee, and…well…the pictures explain the rest!

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Photography by: Two Sticks Studios