Dasol and Robbin

How We Met

I met Robbin on the busiest day in Soho: Black Friday. The streets were packed with shoppers and families looking for goodies to take home. So was I. That morning, I bundled up in my most comfortable clothes and put on my puffy oversized beanie that I was hoping would cover a massive pimple. No foundation or concealer was going to cover that monster. I shrugged it off, ‘Meh, I’m just going shopping.’ Little did I know I’d meet my now fiancé later that day. In search of a bathroom in the midst of shopping madness, I walked into a small café to get behind a guy on a long line. He turned around and said to me, “Hi. Black Friday in nyc is crazy, huh?”

That’s how we met. In a bathroom line. That serendipitous encounter was four years ago. I found the perfect man for me that Black Friday.

how they asked

My experience at South Bend, Indiana started off awful. It was raining all day and night; it was cold. We were outside tailgating and watching a football game in the pouring rain. And I wasn’t wearing the right shoes. at one point, I suggested that pouring hot cocoa on our feet was a good idea. I was excited to be visiting Robbin’s alma mater, Notre Dame University, for the first time as I knew how much the place meant to him. Besides, it was the Navy vs. Notre Dame game and as active duty naval officer, Robbin was hyped to support the two biggest organizations in his life. I loved that he wanted to share the memories with me. I just didn’t expect the the weekend to be that cold and wet! After the game, we headed for a great beer brew house where we ordered flights of beers & entrees for a party of ten. I was realizing at that moment that I’d have been miserable the whole time if it wasn’t for Robbin. The next morning, we packed our bags and headed for a Sunday mass at the Notre Dame Basilica for our last stop. The rain had stopped and the remaining fall colors on the campus was vivid and still. Robbin directed us around the basilica to a grotto to share a prayer then to the lake across the street.

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It was still freezing cold so I was clinging onto him close and tight. Just as we stopped to gaze over the view, I turned to hug him and saw a camera lense pointing our way. I whispered to him, “Don’t be alarmed but there is a person taking pictures of us.” He calmly responded, “She’s here for us,” as he got down on his knees and opened up a glossy red ring box to my direction. “Will you marry me?” he asked.

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At that moment, a photographer hoped out of the bushes and revealed herself: Robbin had hired her to take our engagement photos around the University, to include the grotto, the basilica, law school, football stadium, and Notre Dame dome.

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Dasol and Robbin's Engagement in Notre Dame University

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